Sneaky Santa Slots

He’s coming down your chimney and tip-toeing to the Christmas tree to leave the presents you’re dreaming of. Sneaky Santa slots is a 5-reel, 25-payline bonus slot with a couple of different bonus features. Take a closer look at what you experience when playing this slot game for real money or demo play.

A Breakdown of the Paytable and Payouts

Sneaky Santa slots is a mix of low-paying and high-paying symbols. For the low-paying symbols, a winning payline requires three, four, or five matching symbols. High-paying symbols pay a prize with two or more matches. Scatter Christmas List Wilds require three or more to win a prize, but that prize is multiplied by your total bet, not the coin value.

  • 10 – 5 to 100 coins
  • Jack – 5 to 120 coins
  • Queen – 5 to 130 coins
  • King – 5 to 150 coins
  • Ace – 10 to 200 coins
  • Angel – 5 to 700 coins
  • Gingerbread Person – 5 to 800 coins
  • Elf – 5 to 1,500 coins
  • Nutcracker – 10 to 2,000 coins
  • Wild Scatter – 1x to 50x

If you turn on the Bonus Bet, the Morphing Symbol bonus is activated in the base game. Otherwise, it’s only available in the free spins bonus round. The cost of Bonus Bet is 10x.

How the Free Spins Bonus Round Works

When three Christmas List scatters hit the reels, you win 12 free spins. It’s possible to pay a Buy Bonus fee of 100x and trigger it automatically, too. Three or more additional scatters in a spin add 12 more free spins.

Free spins come with your choice for the Morphing Wild Symbol. We seem to have better luck when we choose a higher-paying symbol.

Tips for Playing Sneaky Santa

Betting options on this 5-reel bonus slot start at a penny coin value and go to $1. As there are 25 paylines, and bets are fixed on all 25 of them, you’ll play for as little as 25 cents or as much as the $25 max bet.

When doing a slot game review, we like to give it 10 spins and see how we do. We opted for a 25-cent coin value, which was $6.25 per spin.

  • 3rd spin - $11.25
  • 6th spin - $11.25

We tried again after turning on Bonus Bet and choosing the Angel as the Morphing Wild Symbol. While it does increase your bet by 10x, the payouts were also more frequent.

  • 1st spin - $1.25
  • 4th spin - $36.25
  • 6th spin - $5
  • 7th spin - $11.25
  • 10th spin - $56.25

With its generous payouts, free spins bonus round, and Morphing Symbols that are wild, Sneaky Santa is a fantastic Christmas-themed slot game. Sign up and play it today and see how well you do.