Fast & Sexy Slots

What's better than fast cars and hot girls? Nothing! Well other than maybe adding in a bunch of money on top of all that. That's what Fast and Sexy the slot game is all about. In this slot game you'll race beautiful cars to the backdrop of exciting neon symbols and beautiful women. With a bit of luck you could win as much as 300x your bet amount, and there are plenty of free spin rounds, bonus payouts and specials to keep any seasoned gambler busy. Get started with the game and before long you could have a stack of coins that you don't know what to do with. Of course everyone's experience will be different, but there's a lot more to love about this slot game than there is to say against it. Try it out and you just might have found your new favorite!

Major Expanding Wild

There's a wild on the third reel of this slot game that can create a chain reaction of serious prize payouts. To unlock the full potential of the wild, all you have to do is get it to create a winning prize combination somewhere on the reels. The moment that it does, it will expand to take up the entire reel and you get a free spin as well. As the wild expands chances are good that you'll get some additional prizes from the reel. That's why chain wins are common with this slot game.

Unlock Free Spins

Getting three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels of Fast and Sexy unlocks the free spins round of this cool slot game. The moment that you do that you'll have 10 free spins to work with, and each one of those will pay out double prizes if you're lucky enough to win anything. That means you can win some pretty significant prizes during the free spins round, and they come around pretty often too.

Super Car Bonus Game

Fast and Sexy is all about attractive women and fast cars and it wouldn't be the same without the opportunity to race your car of choice. The special bonus round in this game gives you the chance to do just that. Choose one of the three cars available and put it to the test against the competition. If your chosen car wins so do you. You'll walk away with a pretty nice prize payout that's a very enjoyable way to end the day.

Fast and Sexy isn't the right slot game for everyone, but it has the features and the looks to at least appeal to many players out there. Give it a try and you'll likely be impressed with its offerings at least a little bit.