Pot of Gold Slots

Some slot games carry titles that tell us plenty about the game ahead. We can include this one among them too, as any slot called Pot of Gold is going to have that pot popping up during the game. We find it as part of the design in this case, but it does suggest a theme you've come across before, as we have.

We are going to guide you through each section of our Pot of Gold slot review, so you can see how the game is going to fare - and whether it might be good for you to play.

Who came up with this idea for a slot game?

The theme has been used time and again, and this time it is the team at Arrows Edge that has given us access to another version of it.

Is there a practice version to try?

There is, so if you like to see what a game can offer before sorting out your coins to play it, you can do so here.

Have you worked out the theme yet?

It covers the lucky Irish theme, of course, offering all the traits you would expect to see, as evidenced from the title alone.

Are we treated to a good design?

Yes, although we get everything in 2D rather than 3D. It all looks promising though, immersing us in the theme as all good slot games should. The reels take up most of the screen, but we still get lucky clover and other green touches around the reels.

More details about the Pot of Gold slot game

The first thing you'll see is a five-reel set, each with four symbols appearing on it. The game also displays the Cash Grab jackpot above the reels, so that is a bonus to check out as you play. Each bet could potentially trip that jackpot as it is awarded randomly.

The game offers a four-leaf clover as the substitute, replacing most other game symbols along the way. This only appears on the second, third, and fourth reels. Two symbols cannot be subbed by the wild - one being the scattered pot of gold and the other being a gold coin. This has another role to play - one we'll cover later as we get to the bonus section of our review.

How many paylines do we get?

None… but that's because they've used a way wins format instead. With the 5 x 4 frame to work within, this gives 1,024 combinations to get prizes with.

Place your bets…

You can bet anything from 50 cents up to an incredible $300, so this game ought to appeal to many players except those looking for a much smaller bet to place on each spin.

Paytable access

This is easy enough - just look for the question mark. That is the traditional sign marking the paytable in slots from this developer.

Is there a bonus round?

There is, but it must be unlocked once you are inside the free spins, and it won't always happen even when you get there. We'll give you more information on this when we reach the next section.

How can you get some free spins?

As you might expect, you need to find enough scatter symbols to get through to this part of the game. Three or more do the job. The game then releases a random quantity - a minimum of five, but you could get 10 or even 15 of them. You'll see the usual symbols in this game, but you get the gold coins popping up as well.

To reach the bonus round, you must get six or more gold coins in one spin. If this occurs, the coins remain in position while everything else spins three times. Whenever you find more coins, the spin counter goes back to three. These are known as Golden Spins because you're looking for gold coins. If you can get a gold coin in every position on the reels by the end, you'll receive a cool prize. Even if you don't manage to do that, though, you can score the amount shown on each coin, as they're added up to reveal your prize.

RTP info doesn't appear in the game

We couldn't find it on the official Arrows Edge website either.

Is this a promising slot to try?

Yes - Pot of Gold carries a lot of potential. The Cash Grab jackpot is a nice touch although few will ever claim it. The free spin round is nice to see, although you could come away with just five spins, and the bonus round is harder to get through to. We'd still rank this as 8/10 though.

Watch out for headlines for the jackpot winners

This is the smallest of the three jackpots used by Arrows Edge. However, we can bet someone might grab a headline if they get the Cash Grab jackpot.

Will you try before you buy?

That's the idea behind the demo game, so try it today to find out more about what makes this game tick.

Play from 50 cents per spin

Those who like the game enough to play the real thing must check whether it is an affordable choice for them. The 50-cent minimum wager might put this out of reach for some.

Can you try Pot of Gold on a mobile device?

Yes, you can choose to play on iOS or Android tablets or smartphones depending on what works best for you.