Reel Renovations Slots

Bet you could do with $100,000 to do some renovations here and there! A touch up of paint and extension or two? Place your bets and this awesome prize can be yours to spend as you wish! Get into the swing of the wonderful world of DIY; grab a hammer, some nails and get cracking, standing back every so often to admire your handiwork while continuing to gather much needed cash for even more projects and ideas that are brewing in your imagination.

Cryptologic bring you graphics that are simplistic and symbols are easily recognizable with very little room for confusion. Have a spinning time as the music carries you in and out of wins mimicking the actions of the reels.

Do It Yourself tips

Reel Renovations has 5 reels making up 20 paylines. Each payline includes a symbol from each of the reels. Aim to get as many of the same symbol on the same payline for payouts. To claim the $100 000 jackpot, play the highest coin size of $5. A single coin on each line sees you a max bet of $100 per spin. Reduce your coin size to 1c and you are able to play all lines for as little as 20c. To be sure to qualify for the bonus round all lines need to be activated so use the coin size range to bet according to your budget.

The more work gets done the better the payouts

The paint brush touches up all winning combinations as the wild by standing in as the joker symbol. It is also the highest payer, richly paying out the jackpot when you reel in 5 on the same payline. The only symbol it can't replace is the hammer symbol as this is the trigger for the fun bonus round. As the scatter, you need 3 hammers to gain entrance to play. It also pays for as few as two on the screen no matter which paylines they land on.

Hone your DIY skills to walk away with a nice bonus

It is a reel pleasure to get into a skill based bonus game. The longer you play and more practice you get the more cash you can make, so play for free until you have it under your belt. The reels transform themselves into 20 pictures facing away from you and they turn around 2 at a time. Get your speedy mouse to click the painting with dollar symbols on them to stop them from falling. If you succeed you can pocket the cash of a job well done!

On the reels you will also find a completed Jacuzzi, some newly installed chrome taps, a jigsaw and various scenes from the freshly refurbished home.

Hard work pays off in the end

Play reel renovations as you see just how hard work can reflect great rewards. Stand back to admire your balance and keep hammering away at this fun slot. As they say practice makes perfect! Download Reel Renovations today for true winnings are on their way