Sunrise Slots Casino

Sunrise Slots Casino sounds promising. We like the idea of the sun rising on a bright and engaging casino, so is that what is in store for us here?

Truth be told, this is a different casino to look at and think about joining. So, we'll guide you through the available information we have about it. That way you can decide whether it is right for you.

Which software brand provides the games in this casino?

Realtime Gaming is the name displayed at the bottom of the site. You might also spot a few familiar characters on either side of the landing page screen. These come from various games in their collection.

An unknown lobby design

We can guess that the lobby is going to be much like any other RTG casino lobby you have ever seen. However, this is an invitation only casino. It means you cannot see anything until you have opened an account with them. The usual design provides a few easy categories to look at though - we suspect the same would be true here.

How to join the casino

From the start, it seems that Sunrise Slots is not your average casino. You need an invitation code before you can open an account with them. So, if you want to sign up to find out more about the site, you need to find one of those codes. People seem to share them online, so we guess that is the best way to find one.

What about signup restrictions?

These are unknown until you open an account - which is odd, since you won't know whether you can join until you join! Sunrise Slots does have terms and conditions - it mentions them at the bottom of the home page. However, it doesn't allow anyone to read them before opening an account, which is a shame.

The only piece of information we know for sure is that only those aged 21 and over can use the casino.

Can we guess what the game collection is going to be like?

Most RTG casinos tend to have table games, video poker, and a few specialty games alongside all the slots. We think it is reasonable to assume the same would be available at Sunrise Slots.

Slots are the big attraction

Realtime Gaming is famous for developing over 100 slots and counting. All of them are going to be added to Sunrise Slots, so you have no worries about the quantity of slots you can play.

They should provide members with demo games too

The casino has lots of demo games to try when you are ready to play. These are often the best introduction to many titles. Even though you can watch videos and read game reviews, the only way to tell whether you like a game is to try it. This is the way to do that.

Paid games include many different coin values

This is one thing we can confirm when you play games from RTG, whether they are slots or other titles. They all have lots of coins involved. It is rare to see a game with a single coin value or a fixed wager involved.

Instead, you'll see a range of coins, and sometimes you'll have more than one bet level to choose from as well. Whatever happens, you can be sure of getting access to lots of games - many of which are going to have affordable coins to use.

New slot games are likely to appear as well

RTG is never slow in releasing new slots, so you are likely to spot the new titles appearing in the lobby when you get started at Sunrise Slots Casino.

What about promotions?

The bottom of the landing page does mention the Ts and Cs that relate to all available promotions, so we guess there are some. However, without a code to access the site, it is impossible to tell what those promotions might be.

You can sign up with a code and not make a deposit though, so you could explore the promotional potential before deciding what to do. A first deposit bonus is likely to appear, however - regardless of what may be available beyond that.

Tournaments aren't mentioned anywhere

But since we cannot go beyond the home page, we guess there could still be some. One thing we do know is that RTG casinos don't tend to go large on tournaments.

Exploring the payout potential at Sunrise Slots

There are some progressive jackpots inside the RTG game collection, so you'll get access to play those as a member of the casino. There are other games that don't usually appear in the progressive area and yet still have a rising jackpot, so look through the whole collection to be sure you don't miss anything.

Rewards might be available, but…

You get the picture - any comp points you might be able to earn are only available to paying players. We cannot 100% confirm the use of such points.

Mobile use of the casino

The site looks good on a mobile screen. We tried it on a smartphone and tablet, and both performed well. Android and iOS users should not have any difficulties in this department. There doesn't seem to be an app to worry about either.

Playing without registration isn't possible

You cannot even see the games without registering for an account, and you need a code to do that, so…

Is this an instant play casino?

Yes, we believe it is. There is no sign that the casino has a downloadable version. RTG casinos always provide an instant play option, so that much should be fine to assume.

They don't provide you with any affiliate info

You can only see the links at the bottom of this casino once you are logged in. Before that, no affiliate details are given.

This casino doesn't have a sportsbook or racebook

There is no bookie here either, as it focuses only on the casino portion of the action.

It's worth dipping into other forums and blogs to learn more

Sunrise Slots Casino is a bit of a mystery. The best way to learn more about it before you search for a code to sign up with is to visit casino-themed online forums. People discuss their experiences at multiple casinos at sites like these. The same goes for comments on various relevant blog posts. You might learn a thing or two from reading them.

Live dealer games are likely not provided

This is typical of all RTG casinos, so we cannot believe it wouldn't be the case here either.

Deposits can be made in a few different ways

At the bottom of the site, we can see icons for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, prepaid cards, and Neteller, among other methods.

Find out which options allow you to make a withdrawal

This becomes clear once you are logged in and you visit the cashier. Bank transfer appears in the list of logos, so we suspect that might be a good option.

Bitcoin is available

This tends to be one of the methods available for depositing and withdrawing, so bear that in mind if you are interested in using Bitcoin. Look out for potential deposit bonuses relating to Bitcoin too.

Need some help?

If so, look for the support page once you are signed in - if you decide to join. There should be several ways to contact the team if ever you need to.