SlotoMania Casino

Hmm, now that’s an intriguing question. It’s a casino, right, so what could be different about it? You would expect games, perhaps some promotions, and other familiar features.

Yet Slotomania Casino is different, and in this casino review we are going to find out why that is the case. If you ever wanted to know anything about it, you’re in the right place for that to happen.

Exclusive software is a big attraction

There aren’t many online casinos offering slot games that are exclusive to them. That’s the deal at this casino though, so if you want a different experience, you’re going to enjoy just that at Slotmania.

Looking around the lobby

When you are inside your account at the casino, you can move between several pages of games. Not all of these are unlocked to start with, but there are plenty to get underway with.

At the bottom of that area, you can see the SlotoClub, SlotoCards, gifts, and rewards. The three dots over on the left provide another way to reach some of those areas, along with accessing your favorite games.

Join the casino with your email address

This is all you need to sign up to Slotomania, along with a secure password you choose. You could also use your Facebook account to log in if you would prefer.

Signup restrictions at Slotomania

The site is open to all. You don’t need to confirm where you live or how old you are. However, it is of course essential that you check what younger members of your household might be doing if they gain access to the site. No minors are permitted to play at Slotomania.

While there are no real prizes to be won, the terms and conditions at parent company Playtika do mention the use of ‘payment instruments.’ There does seem to be a shop too, so it could be that you can buy gold coins to use within the game. We don’t recommend you do this, nor make it possible for other members of your household to do so via your account.

Not your usual range of casino games

No – the only ones you’ll find at this casino are slots. That might be obvious from the casino name, but we’ll confirm it for you here.

Slots at Slotomania

You’ll begin by viewing a good range of slots, although as we mentioned, others will unlock once you start playing. Among the first few titles you can try are Crazy Train, Despicable Wolf, Panda Chi, and Vegas Cash.

Free games are the order of the day

You shouldn’t expect to pay for any of the games at Slotomania Casino. The gold coins are for demo play only, and there are no real prizes to be won. If you get a successful combination during play, your winnings would be granted in gold coins. These would then be returned to your balance.

Nothing paid to play at this casino

Social casino gaming has gotten bigger over recent years. Slotomania is a leading proponent of this type of play, so you won’t need to worry about looking for

How many new slots should you expect to see?

We didn’t spot any new releases when we checked out the games collection. However, we did see one title – Smokin’ Rapid – that was slated as Coming Soon. The title image was grayed out compared to other titles that were live and ready to play.

Promotions are plentiful

You should receive 1,000,000 coins (for play value only, no real value is attached to them) when you sign up. You can also claim 1,000 coins every three hours. So, even when you’ve gone through all those coins to start with, there are always more on the way.

There are coins to be collected in other ways too. For example, you’ll see tasks on the left of your screen. Whenever you complete one, you’ll receive coins.

Tournaments aren’t included

That said, there does seem to be a lot of other features on the site, including jackpot slots to play for more coins.

No winners are announced

Of course, you might be able to read about some on your social media site if you connect to the casino via Facebook…

Playtika Rewards

This is the name of the loyalty program connected to all the sites run by Playtika. There are six levels to explore, starting at Bronze and working your way through to Royal Diamond. You can read more about each level on the Slotomania rewards page at the casino.

Mobile gaming with Slotomania

One of the things you can count on with this casino is the ability to access it from different devices. Since it is a social casino, that makes a lot of sense. So, whether you use Android, iOS, Windows, or something else, you can appreciate accessing all your top slots in multiple ways.

You must register before you can begin playing slots

This isn’t a massive issue though, as you can open an account using Facebook or an email address. There is no charge, remember.

Instant play is the only way this casino works

Downloading software is outdated according to Slotomania. You can simply log into your account, choose a game, and play it right there in your browser instead. It does make life easier, for sure.

No affiliate program is offered

Enough said, don’t you think?

Sporting services and similar options

Nothing like this is available either – it’s all about slot games at this site.

No blog or forum to dip into

While that is true, you can probably find more information about Slotomania Casino whenever you visit another site of this type online. There are people out there on social media sites discussing their progress as well.

No live games are involved

Since live dealers are usually found managing the table games at an online casino, you can probably guess there are no such games or dealers at this casino.

Deposits are not needed

You don’t need to make deposits at this casino. There is an option to buy coins if you wish to continue playing, but no mention is made of any payment methods. The only reference we found was in the terms of service for Playtika. These confirmed that no payment was required to use the casino. However, they also mentioned use of PayPal and credit cards, so we guess those methods are fine to use if you decide to buy additional coins.

Withdrawals don’t apply

Since you are not playing for real wagers, you’re not going to find any withdrawal methods in place at Slotomania.

Bitcoin isn’t relevant either

For the same reasons as above.

Hit the support option to find just that

The support area is accessed at the bottom of the site. It opens another page that gives you a search box to use to find whatever information you want. Further down that page, there are FAQs for various topics, along with other topics below those. Troubleshooting, payouts, bonuses, gifts… everything is covered.