Nexum is a dynamic electronic check processing service that is simple and fast. Nexum allows customers to transfer funds from their personal checking account to Winward Casino quickly and securely. The hassle of credit cards and the process of maintaining an e-wallet are eliminated.

Nexum is the perfect alternative to credit cards and e-wallets. Nexum gives you the option of paying from your checking account and thereby avoiding the increasing amount of problems associated with credit cards, and eliminates the hassles of registering for e-wallet accounts.

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You can open a Nexum account directly from Winward Casino. Nexum also provides extended live support (toll-free in North America at 1-866-494-4454).

What kind of Bank Account can I use?

Only US Bank account holders are able to process transactions with NexumFinancial. The most common type of account used is checking however, some Savings accounts can be accessed as well.

How long before the check comes out of my bank account?

The amount of your transaction is secured at the time of processing; however it may take a few days for you to see the transaction on your bank statement.

How can I deposit using Nexum at Winward Casino?

1. Click on the Deposit Tab.

2. Choose the Deposit amount.

3. Choose the Nexum Electronic Funding Deposit Type.

4. Click on the Submit button.

5. Enter the Bank Routing Number.

6. Enter the Bank Account Number.

7. Click on the Fund Account button.

8. Start playing at Winward Casino!