One Million Reels BC Slots

One Million Reels BC is a three reel and five pay line video slot game that is very unique indeed. The theme here is dinosaurs and there are wild multipliers and a progressive jackpot to earn your wins from. Wager a minimum of .75 and up to $3.75 if you are interested in winning the progressive jackpot. Just a little FYI...this is only the third progressive by Rival Gaming. Be prepared for a prehistoric theme but state of the art graphics. Just imagine a Jurassic Park type theme. The top jackpot...excluding the progressive is 2,000 coins. There is no free spin round or no bonus round in this game. Start playing One Million Reels BC Slots now or keep reading our review...

Watch out for T Rex...

The T Rex symbol is the wild symbol which means that this symbol can be swapped for any other symbol to create more winning combinations with the exception of the Scatter which is the 'Any Egg' symbol. The T Rex symbol is also the multiplier symbol...this means that just one T Rex will double your prize and two will quadruple it. There are other symbols that depict this bygone era such as a cave man, a cave woman, a T Rex, and dinosaur eggs.

Recent One Million Reels BC Jackpots

The progressive jackpot is won when you get three T Rex symbols on an activated pay line need to be max out your wager to win the progressive jackpot. Betting the minimum will result in the progressive jackpot shrinking to $500 so be careful! Keep an eye on the jackpot totals and remember to load up when the jackpot has grown. It was just in March 2010 when one One Million Reels BC slot player won $248,136. Recent winners also have won $102,951. Keep these figures in mind when you are hankering for a cool profitable slot game to play.

Rival Casinos

Because One Million Reels BC slots is powered by Rival you can expect your experience at Rival casinos. Never underestimate the power of Rival based on the fact that they are newer to the industry...they are just as competent as older casinos such as Silver Oak Casino.

So...this is your chance at winning some life changing cash...all you have to do is defeat a few dinosaurs! What do you say? Can you imagine yourself being the next six digit winner? All you have to do is try!