Dodge City Slots

Dodge City Slots is a slot game with a terrific visual design that transports you with style to the Wild West, where you will engage in immediate gunfight duels on your way to becoming rich. The game's 5 reels and 10 paylines will take you through a great number of fast-paced adventures that will provide numerous chances for solid earnings. This slot offers bonus games, action sequences that will reward the gamblers and the possibility to win three separate progressive jackpots. There will be plenty of vicious cowboys with guns trying to shoot you down throughout your adventure but there will be an even greater number of opportunities for you to get rich. You will be able to enjoy this game on any kind of device you can possibly imagine-from your laptop, computer to your normal mobile device that has access to the Internet and has a respectably-sized screen (a detail that is entirely for your comfort). Regardless of the device, the awards will be just as big and the excitement-just as enjoyable.

The Whiskey and Outlaw Bonuses

The free spins bonus game involves what every experienced gunner in the Wild West requires before engaging in a shootout-a glass of whiskey. In order to unlock the free spins, the player will be required to land on the reels three of the Sally scatters regardless of the position. The reward will be 15 free spins. During the free spins you will be gathering the glasses of whiskey-the more of them you collect, the happier you will be in terms of your financial situation throughout this bonus level. Three whiskeys will bring you three additional spins and six whiskeys will bring you three more but also with a multiplier of three. Another bonus game out there on the financial war zone in Dodge City is the Outlaw Bonus Game that can be unlocked through the Wyatt symbol. Three of these will trigger the Outlaw bonus round. This is where the action set pieces are meticulously incorporated with gambling in Dodge City Slots as you will be given the opportunity to gun down five enemies and the more of them you manage to hit, the greater your collective reward will turn out to be. This slot eventually takes the player to a long-desired place-where you are left entirely on your own devices, speed and skill in order to earn, with very little chance involved even if we are talking about just a part of a bonus level. Otherwise, obviously luck, as it is the case in any gambling game, is the dominating force and factor in Dodge City Slots.

Don't Dodge the Jackpots

If there is one thing you shouldn't run for cover from, it is the game's progressive jackpots. When it comes down to the possible winning combinations of the game, you can get your hands on a multiplier award that can pay as high as 10, 000 times. The truth is awards such as these are rare, especially if you are counting on the help of the reels but it won't hurt your chances if you keep an eye for the jackpots as well. There is two of them. The Super Slots Jackpot gets randomly won by a currently playing gambler when its value exceeds 40, 000 dollars and it is under 45, 000. The Cash Grab Jackpot is much smaller but gets nailed much more frequently and you can expect to earn it when it is between 2000 dollars and 5000 dollars.

Overall, Dodge City Slots has a lot of potential of making your day into a unforgettably successful one and is that rare slot game, which really gives you the chance to act and shine.