Online Casino Slots Differences

There are literally thousands of different types of slot machines that you can find online, whether they are 3 reel slots, 5 reel slots or progressive slots. You can also find multiple player slot games where you can be part of a team to get the highest possible wins. Video slots tend to be the most impressive and also the most played of all of the slots that you can find online and this is because of the different possibilities that they offer. Video slots come in mainly 5 reel formats although there are some 7 reel machines too. There are many different ways to play video slot games online.

The Multiplier Slot Game

The multiplier slot is a video slot game or a 3 reel slot game where the outcome is determined by the number of coins that are bet. If you only bet one coin per spin then your potential to win is much lower than when you bet 3 or 5 coins. But on the other hand betting one coin only means that your risk is lower. Maximum payouts and jackpots are only achieved when you place the maximum bet possible which is also the maximum number of coins, this does not have to be the largest size coins though.

The Bonus Multiplier Slot

In addition to the multiplier slot game with different size coins there is also the bonus multiplier slot game where there are extra bonuses to be won for certain configurations and in the case of video slots when all coins are bet i.e. a maximum bet. The bonus multiplier can be in the form of a scatter symbol which applies when a number of the same scatter land on your screen and if you have bet the maximum number of coins then you tend to win the maximum possible with the number of scatters that you have. The bonus multiplier can also be awarded for different figurations of different symbols and is not limited to one symbol only.

The Buy a Pay Slot

There is another type of slot which you can find online which is not as well known as some of the others but in fact offers a much more interested and exciting perspective. This is the Buy a Pay slot game. When playing the Buy a Pay slot game, the bet that you place is tied to a certain symbol on the reel. In other words you could bet only one coin which would relate to all of the wins with a melon or if you bet 3 coins it could relate to all of the wins with cherries. These types of slots have wild symbols and sometimes large jackpots which can be won when you place maximum number of coins

Progressive Slot Games

The progressive slots game offers the most potential. It is a slots game where you are not just playing in a limited environment. A part of your bet is taken and put in a central pool and when you play, you are working towards this central pot. If you land the jackpot then you win the central pot which is an accumulation of a percentage of the bets of all of the different players from different casinos. This is really something to work towards and is exciting together with giving you all of the regular features of a slots game.

Choosing the Best Online Slots Game

The best online slots games are sometimes a matter of trial and error. Often it is a good idea to try some of the games for practice before you start placing real money bets so that you get a hang of how they work and when you are ready you can place real money bets. Progressive games cannot be played fro practice because of their link to other machines but you can still enjoy these games with low coin sizes to start with and then work your way up as your confidence grows. Choosing the best online slots game is easy once you have all the facts in your hand and know and understand what you want from the game and of course how it works.