Play Roulette Pro with Bodog

Bovada Casino it's Bodog Casino for US players. Try to play Roulette Pro with Bovada and my be this new brand will be one of you favorites? If you have visited the Bovada Casino online before, you will know they have a wide range of superb games to play. You can download Freaky Fruit slots among other things, but there is also a range of more traditional table games to try out.

One of these is called Roulette Pro and as you will see it is well worth playing.

Can you play for free as well as for real?

Yes you can – and this is a feature that all Bodog games have in common. This is good to know if you have never played roulette before. It will give you a chance to get used to how it works and you can then play it for real.

How do you place your bets?

If you take a look at the roulette table you will see five denominations of chips on the side. Each one is recognizable by a different color, so they are easy to get used to.

Click on the chip you want to place and place it wherever you want to on the table. You can go for the first, second or third twelve, an individual number or another choice if you wish. Some people like to bet on black or red, odds or evens or high or low too.

What happens once you have placed a bet?

You will see the four buttons underneath your chips turn to red. The third one along says ‘spin’. Click on it to do just that. You can then see whether you got lucky or not!

Can you get stats on the game as you are playing it?

Yes you can, and this is a great feature of Roulette Pro. You may not want to make use of these stats but they appear in the top right of the game window.

You can also save any favorite bets you might have if you want to. This makes things easy for you and gaming can get faster as a result. Instead of constantly placing chips in the same places you can opt to play a favorite and see whether you get lucky or not!

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This is a great looking game with superb graphics and plenty to look forward to. You’ll forget you are sitting in front of your computer when you play Roulette Pro – it’s just like being in a real casino!