Marvelous Marlins slots

If your idea of a wild weekend involves an ocean-going fishing boat, heavy rods and tackle, and pursuing the elusive marlin, then playing Wager Technology's Marvelous Marlins may be just what you need after a long day on the deep blue. This is an unusual twist on the traditional single-line slot game, employing images of fish and the ocean.

The Look of the Deep Blue Sea

Marlin Madness greets players with a beautiful design in rich marine blue and turquoise tones. A plaque of a trophy marlin is front and center on a background of ocean and bubbles. The payouts are in a fixed position, as is traditional on old-style slot games, this time occupying the right side of the game.

The sounds on this game are extremely basic with casino white-noise constant, and the beeps and whirrs of an old-style slot machine when the game is functioning. This is typical of traditional machines, and it works well here, though it would have been fun to have something a little different like some blurbs of underwater sound distortion. The basic sounds, however, do not detract from this lovely game.

The Search for the Marvelous Marlin

In the spirit of the game, there are numerous sea-life symbols including the octopus and various fish. Ultimately, however, this does not matter - the only symbol that pays anything in this unusual game is the Marlin! Players do not have to line them up. A single Marlin pays when it appears anywhere on the screen. The amount that the Marlin is worth varies with which of the three paylines he appears on, and how many coins were bet.

This manner of payout is a bit frustrating at first, as it seems that those darned Marlins never show up, but as we got into play, we found it strangely addictive.

Treasure of the Marlin

Players may set coin values to denominations ranging from 10¢ up to $10, and up to five coins may be played per spin. The payouts are dependent on where the Marlin appears in the field of play. The maximum payout on this machine is a modest 45 coins, and that is hit when a Marlin appears in the top line when five coins are being played. When the Marlin appears in the center line, again with five coins bet, he is worth 15 coins, and if he shows up on the bottom line, he is worth 5 coins. At first this was frustrating, as it seemed like the Marlin would never show up, but as we got into play we found that they do pop up with relative frequency, and the paybacks are quite good.

Betting five coins, the low-end maximum bet is a modest 50¢, and the big bet is $50, so this game is not aimed at the high-rolling gamblers, but more at those who seek a moderate risk. Though the top payout is only 45 coins, that payout hits on a relatively regular basis, and it is possible to collect a large amount of winnings from this game, if the fish keep swimming your way!

Reel In a Marvelous Marlin Tonight!

Though a bit of a slow starter, we ended up finding this game to be quite addictive, and ended up thoroughly enjoying it. As is to be expected from Vegas Technology casino games, it is great looking, it works perfectly and is very easy to understand. We recommend that you settle yourself in your favorite fishing chair and get ready to reel in some big winnings! Look this game at one of Wager Technology casinos.