Shaaark! Slots

It's a bright and sunny day, but the dazzling sun and warm ocean can be deceiving. A menace lurks below the waves. You are floating above the waves, enjoying the beach and - Dun dun. Dun dun. Dun dun. - SHAAARK!!

Sharks have always been soaked in mystery, suspense and excitement. And in the All New Shaaark! Slots they don't disappoint. But unlike in the great blue yonder, you have no reason to fear a Shark Attack. These zany characters, bright and whimsical symbols will tickle you rather than bite. So don't you worry. All New Shaaark! Slots is a day at the beach, with lots of excitement and no need to get wet.

Make a Splash

The All New Shaaark! Slots are full of wild and crazy fun. Getting bitten by a shark was never so rewarding, this fish is worth a jackpot as high as $80,000.00. Now that gives a whole new meaning to the term Big Fish. But that's not all. The All New Shaaark! Slots gives you the coin choice of $0.01 to $10.00 and betting options ranging from $0.01 to $250.00. But don't be scared. Dive right into the deep end. Free Spins and Paylines are as wide and free as the big blue ocean, but to make sure you don't cast your net too short, bet the maximum coins so you don't miss out.

From Sea to Sea

The depths of the ocean are the last frontier for treasure hunters and explores. And the All New Shaaark! Slots don't disappoint on either count. Free Spins keep you treading water until you hit the big one. And with 25 Lines, the All New Shaaark! Slots have as many ways to win as there are fish in the sea. Multiple paylines gives you the choice to count the symbols above or below the midpoint payline and use those symbols to make a winning combination. 25 paylines means 25 chances you have to win. Can't swim? No worries. The game will keep track of each payline for you and make sure that you get credit for every winning combination you've caught. There will be no blood in the water; the only anticipation to smell will be thrills of every spin as your winnings climb.

Every bitten surfboard and frightened beach comber is a good thing in the All New Shaaark! Slots. So don't be timid. Disobey that No Swimming sign. Jump in! The water's fine.