Lost Slots

Even though Betsoft Gaming is known for graphics and seamless gameplay, when you actually make your way to Drake Casino and lay your eyes on Lost Slots riveting and detailed 3 dimensional layout, you'll nonetheless be caught by surprise. This online inspiration from ancient Egypt - during the times of pharaohs, mummies and mystical ankhs - stars a recognizable Indiana Jones-like character named Dakota Bones. He is on a mission for treasure, accompanied by a native and knowledgeable apprentice named Farooq. The breathtaking graphics of Lost Slots are highlighted by realistic shades of brown and beige, with clouds and blue skies highlighting the realm of desert treasure.

Finding Lost Slots

Lost Slots is a 5 reel, 30 payline standard fare, with a minimum bet of just two cents per payline, and a maximum bet of $75. It's one of the rare casino slots games that allow you multipliers as well as bonus rounds together; most games eschew the inclusion of a multiplier. You can garner up to 5 times your starting wager with the multiplier; with an extra spin attached to the end of each win. Just imagine the unceasing chime of multiplier spin bonuses being awarded with each winning slot combination, paying out your accumulated riches depending on the level where you find yourself. If you keep on winning, then the levels will increase from 1 (predictably) with spin-agains and multipliers' adding to your riches until the jig is up at the 5th level.

Symbols from the Ancient Land

The symbols in Lost Slots are a variety of familiar characters that you've certainly seen associated with ancient Egypt, whether in magazines and books or movies and plays. Of course, Dr. Dakota Bones the treasure and artifact hunter was already mentioned, along with his manservant Farooq; there's also a mummy dog, and Egyptian Ankh symbol, treasure chests, human mummy, and a battle axe. All of these will play a part in what you win with Lost Slots, and because of the spin-agains available throughout the game working in conjunction with the multiplier, hitting them will trigger great riches in the real world.

Lost Slots Has Bonus Games Too

Fittingly for an Egyptian-theme, Lost Slots will regale you with the Mummy chamber bonus game, which can be arrived at by getting three ancient Ankh symbols anywhere on the reels. Dakota Bones and Farooq will then come across a chamber that looks suspiciously like something out the blockbuster movie The Scorpion King, for the sole purpose of gathering up the treasure they find there. But where to go? There are three different paths to take into the depths of the cavernous chamber; the one you choose will determine the prize you win.

The other bonus game involves the funny monkey. You need the monkey to show up on the 4th reel in order to be transported to this lucrative level, where every click you make will win you something until you finally click the collect symbol.

Lost Slots has the mystique, the engaging history, the graphics and gameplay, and the potential for great prizes. With all this going for it, you'd be hard-pressed to find a reason not to try your hand at this slots game at Drake Casino as soon as you feel the itch to roll some reels.