Ignite your way to big rewards with Ignition Rewards

Ignition recently launched their loyalty program – Ignition Rewards – with new and improved features. First, when you sign up at Ignition, you’ll automatically be enrolled in their rewards program and can start earning Ignition Miles, special bonuses, and lots more. The more you play, the more Ignition Miles you get. Exchange them for cash bonuses and perks to boost your gameplay. Plus your status will remain locked, so you’ll always be a loyalty member no matter what. Here’s what you can expect: Score points for playing at the casino Cash in your points whenever you want Never lose your status Cash back on losses EARNING IGNITION MILES Once you sign up, you’re automatically enrolled in the rewards program – it’s that easy. You’ll start earning Ignition Miles immediately, which really just means you’re getting paid to play. The only thing better than that are the easy cash bonuses, weekly matches and stellar perks Ignition Rewards has in store for loyal players. UNLOCK HIGHER LEVELS AND KEEP YOUR STATUS With eight tier levels, you can rise higher in the ranks as you earn more miles and get access to better rewards. And unlike other programs, your Ignition Rewards status will never be taken away. You’ll stay locked at your level. THE REWARDS PORTAL Ignition designed a rewards portal that is quick, seamless and easy to access: Check your points balance, status level and more. Get your cash rewards instantly.