Island Hoppers Slots

Online casino gamers are sure to enjoy the thrilling Island Hoppers Slots; offering players 3 reels and 3 pay lines of winning entertainment, Island Hoppers Slots is simple to play and can mean huge wins! With gorgeous graphics and delightful sounds, the Island Hoppers Slots game provides a Caribbean theme and the chance to fly your plane toward calm blue waters and huge payouts! If you love the idea of disappearing into a tropical paradise, then Island Hoppers is for you! Gamblers love the easy to use software that powers this remarkably entertaining game. Check out the Island Hoppers slot machine game today for your chance to spin and win.

It's Easy to Win at Island Hopper Slots.

Many slot machine players want an easy strategy for winning; while there is no foolproof method that will result in huge wins for every gamer every time, it's important to remember to wager on all of the pay lines. The Island Hoppers Slots game offers players the chance to choose their wager; allowing online casino gamers to choose a coin value between $0.10 and $10.00, the Island Hoppers Slots game is a great way to get comfortable playing slots and learning your preferred method of wagering. Just remember to play all of the pay lines and all 3 coins in order to maximize your chance at a huge win!

Island Hoppers Symbols Could Mean Huge Payouts!

The entertaining Island Hoppers Slots game keeps the symbols simple: You'll find Flight Wings, Airplanes, and BAR icons on the reels. Try lining up 3 Flight Wings in order win a jackpot that could reach as high as 1500 coins… just remember that you have to be playing at least 2 coins to trigger this jackpot feature. Whatever your wager, the Island Hoppers Slots game is sure to be a winning choice, so check it out today for your chance to earn your flight wings while snagging huge cash prizes!

Play Island Hoppers Slots Today!

While Island Hoppers Slots doesn't offer a bonus game, the possibility of huge jackpots looms large in the minds of all players! Those casino gamblers that like to keep their gaming simple are going to be overjoyed with this 3 reel, 3 pay line slot machine game that offers 9 possible winning combinations. Island Hoppers Slots offers no frills; it's just a chance to wager, spin, and win! You'll be inspired to keep spinning the reels in search of that awesome island treasure that may await those lucky players who land their plane in the perfect tropical island paradise. Don't miss your chance to fly, spin, and win in the Island Hoppers Slots game!

Jump into the cockpit and fly toward a winning slot machine game today with Island Hoppers Slots. You don't want to miss the nice graphics, awesome sounds, and huge winning potential of this incredible slots game, do you? Play Island Hoppers Slots today at your favorite online casino.