Firehawk Slots

The sun is setting over the Arizona wilderness and the canyon is pulsating with life and the steady beat of the drum. When the second star rises, you can fly off to Never Never Land with Peter Pan or when you explore the New World with John Smith; you'll find the enchanting people of Tiger Lily, Pocahontas and Fire Hawk. The graphics of the All New Fire Hawk Slots are romantically rendered in this throw-back style featuring the Big Chief and a Beautiful Squaw called Fire Hawk. Circle the canyon with the Lost Boys hunting the stealthy warriors who are, in fact, hunting you. And when Fire Hawk and her band of warriors find you - you win.

Dream Catchers

The All New Fire Hawk Slots knits together a web of wood and string to catch your Jackpot dreams in. Some of the icons may seem out of date with today's political correctness, but its Jackpot certainly isn't ringing in at $600,000.00. Forget Tinker Bell's pixie dust, these winnings can really make you fly. And don't be shy with the white man's gold; you have a coin choice of $0.01 to $10.00 and betting options ranging from $0.01 to $250.00. Follow the beating of the drum into the deep wealth of the canyon where the Free Spins blow with the wind and the Paylines are as numerous as the stars. But don't get cheated out of what is rightfully yours, bet the maximum coins so you don't miss out on any chance to win.

Steady as a Beating Drum

The drum beats steady and true, and just like a circle, Fire Hawk Slots Free Spins will replenish you. And with 25 Lines, the All New Fire Hawk Slots are eager to reward you. Multiple paylines gives you the choice to factor in the symbols above or below the midpoint payline when you spin and use these symbols to make a winning combination. Everyone comes out a winner. 25 paylines means 25 chances for you to win. Scared you'll miss a beat? The game will keep track of each payline for you and make sure that you get credit for every winning combination you hit.

Tiger Lily wouldn't shy away from the challenge, and John Smith would embrace the adventure, so don't you miss out on the All New Fire Hawk Slots. The canyon is echoing with the drums of your victory.