Dragon Master Slots

It is a time of magic and enchantment. An evil red Dragon terrorizes the countryside, burning peasant villages and holding their gold. You, as the mighty Dragon Slayer, must the fires of the ancient wyrm and defeated in order to restore peace to this once harmonious community. Pretty tall order, huh? Epic drama aside, this is a great video slot. It is both fast and easy to play Dragon Master Slots, with really great looking graphics and some fantastic animations, particularly when the Scatter symbol comes up. It's also not a bad earner, since the top jackpot prize will bring in a hefty $40,000 - well, a Dragon Slayer has to get paid, after all.

The Way of the Dragon

Despite all this talk of dragon slaying, Dragon Master Slots is an easy game to play. The two biggest decisions are how much to bet on a line, and how many lines to play. Dragon Master lets you bet between 5c and $10 on a pay line. This flexibility is equivalent to the old system of betting multiple coins in the days of 3-reel slots. Larger bets result in larger wins. If you're feeling timid, you're allowed to play just the center line, but Dragon Master will allow you to play up to 19 in additional lines if you would like to increase the odds of your hitting a winning combination on each spin.

The Tools of Dragon Slaying

In keeping with tradition, the winning symbols begin with playing cards valued up to 150 coins. Thereafter, you'll be treated to a Scroll of Spells, and nasty looking Morning-star, the Red Dragon itself, and its treasure hoard. The most valuable symbol in the game is the Dragon Slayer, who will pay out up to 4000 coins in his own right, but is also the game's Wild Symbol. Not only does he have the power to substitute for almost any other symbol to complete a winning combination, but his presence in the line up will automatically doubled in value of the payout!

Master the Bonus Round

Dragon Master's bonus round is a free games feature it will trigger when at least three Orb scatters appear anywhere on the reels. This will automatically award you 10 free spins of the reels, and any prize money you win will be instantly doubled. However, while the reels spinning, a flaming Dragon will often fly across the screen and ignite random symbols as it passes. As they burn, they transform into Wild symbols, hugely increasing your chances of winning during the free games feature!