Fairy Ring Slots

Many gamers have found that playing Microgaming's Fairy Ring Slots is an enchanting way to spend an afternoon or evening enjoying the pleasure of online casino slots. Part of the reason is because you don't have to be a slots expert in order to be successful at Fairy Ring Slots. However, this does not mean that this game is too simple to entice high rollers as well. Indeed, Fairy Ring Slots has something to offer slots players with any level of experience.

Memorable Graphics and Sound

With its magical forest theme, Fairy Ring Slots is a three reel, three-payline experience that takes you straight into the magic world of slots play. The graphics are lovely, colorful and dreamy in their ambiance. The sound for the game will have players floating on a sea of tranquility. Players hope for one of the nine winning combinations every time they spin the reel. The reel symbols for the game include a Butterfly, a Fairy, Mushrooms, and Bars, all of which serve to either make a player's day or generate another spin in hopes of a win. Though considered a more traditional type of slot, Fairy Ring Slots will not disappoint even the most jaded gamer.

Jackpots and Wagering

Everyone who plays online slots hope for a jackpot, and those who enjoy Fairy Ring Slots are no exception. The top jackpot for Fairy Ring Slots is 5000 coins, and the other jackpot in the game is a smaller 3000 coins. Some people adhere to a budget when playing slots, and if this is the case for you, you'll appreciate the offered coin sizes of Fairy Ring Slots. They are - $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, and $5.00. This selection should be well suited for all players.

Fairy Wing Wild Symbol

Fairy Ring Slots has a Wild symbol, but not a Scatter symbol. The Wild symbol is the Fairy, and it will substitute for all of the other symbols in the game. This Fairy symbol is the one that those who enjoy this game are constantly on the lookout for, as it is the symbol that can hook you up with some serious bucks. Whenever three of the Fairy symbols land on the first, second, or third payline, wins of 1500, 3000, and 5000 respectively are triggered. With these kinds of wins, most players will agree that Fairy Ring Slots should be experienced as soon s possible. You can experience this great game today!