Elementals Slots

Get Back to Basics with Elementals Slots

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water. These are the building blocks of life on Earth. Now they are the building blocks of a relatively new release from Microgaming, Elementals Slots. This 5 reel, 20 payline Video Slot has all the appeal of a classic comic book along with the spiritual side of a true Earth lover. The bright, vivid colors and intriguing representations of the Four Elements all conspire to make this a game that will transport you to a different plane of existence, one where the Elements dominate and the prizes are huge. The beauty of this game is its simplicity, the way it breaks through the craziness of a world gone mad and returns you to the basics, and it returns the appropriate powers to those basics; giving them the respect and supremacy they deserve. Get your hands on the Elementals Slots today for all that's right and true and rewarding in this world.

It Takes Some Work and Lots of Fun to Learn the Elements

Though you might think you're up to speed with the Elements, sometimes we truly take the basics for granted, not even noticing the obvious all around us. Therefore, it's good idea to re-set your vision a little and refresh your perspective. There is no better game for that than the Elementals Slots. Here you are forced to see the Earth, Wind, Fire and Water of the universe in a whole new light. How is this done? By paying close attention to the symbols and details in your life and in this slots game. The Elementals Symbol, when it lands on reels 1 and 5 simultaneously, triggers your 20 Free Spins, where all wins are doubled and you can even retrigger the Feature during your Free Spins. Next, watch out for the symbol that can either be described as the Lightening or the Big Bang of the Universe Symbol. However you prefer to call it, it's the Scatter Symbol. On top of that, the Wild Symbol doubles your win when it Substitutes and can earn you up to 5000 your coin size in its own right. Finally, what you've been waiting for; Earth, Wind, Fire and Water spinning around your computer just waiting to create a world of fortune for you.

Tap Into the Elementals and Dominate the World

After one spin, you'll be a new person. A player who has shed all the unnecessary baggage of the modern world and has gotten back to the Elementals. Earth, Wind, Fire and Water make the world go around, and so does the possibility of spinning the big win; the one that will set you free from the shackles of debt and put you on the path of financial and emotional freedom. So download Microgaming's Elementals Slots today and harness the forces of nature for your benefit.