Archipelago Slots

If you are looking for an exciting and entertaining slots game you can download, try and play for free before gambling some real money, try out the Archipelago Slots game. This is a colorful and dynamic looking game with plenty to offer. Why not try it right now?

Five reels giving plenty of symbols to watch for

This is a five reel game so you’ve got plenty of symbols spinning round every time you click on the spin button. Watch out for delights including green and blue boxes, the Archipelago symbol and various other cups and spheres as well.

Twenty five paylines giving you plenty of chances to win and place bets

Every time you make your selections and spin the reels you will be rewarded by a clear indication of what you have won. Lines flash across the screen indicating your winning combinations, and this is good because it tells you what to expect and which combinations win.

So when you get more experienced you can instantly see what you have won.

Watch out for Golden Cups

Golden cups are good things to look for in the Archipelago Slots game. You need at least three of them to be rewarded with some free spins, so try your luck now. If you manage to get five golden cups you’ll get an amazing twenty free spins in total. And you can also win more free spins if you get more golden cups during your spins. What could be better than that?

What is the lowest bet you can place?

Would you believe just five cents? That is all you need to bet each time you want to play. This is then multiplied by the number of lines you want to play, so you can instantly see what you are betting each time in total, every time you spin the reels.

Watch out for the bonus round

There is a hidden bonus in the Archipelago Slots as well, called the Spirits of Nature bonus game. This consists of an additional four levels and it gives you something to shoot for as you are playing the rest of the game. Who knows when it might pop up?

As you can see the Archipelago Slots game certainly has a lot to offer, with great symbols and bonuses scattered all through the game. Is it your lucky day to win?