My husband went on a boy’s trip the land casino and he walked away with enough money to take us to an expensive dinner, while all his buddies crapped out. My husband went with the smallest budget of the crew, and some of the other boys, although they came with double the cash to play, opened their wallets after their larger budget was lost and ended up losing double what they planned to play.

How do you avoid being my husband’s buddies who frowned all through dinner? How do you walk away exhilarated? A winner? How do you take your wife out to dinner on your craps winning? For the answers to these and other questions, read on.

Where To Play Craps

If you’re familiar with the booming online casino industry, then you know there are countless advantages to playing online. Online casinos offer you bonuses and deals as well as convince and customer service unmatched by land casinos. Online casinos are not just for slots. Liberty Slots Casino might have Slots as part of its name but they offer Craps to their players alongside other of your favorite table and dice games. Craps is also available for players residing in the United States at US online casinos like Bovada Casino supported with RTG technology.

How To Play

When you play Craps you bet on the outcome of a roll - or a series of rolls, - of a pair of dice. Your goal is to predict what will be rolled and bet on that outcome. To start, you choose either the Pass or the Don’t Pass bet.

Place your bet and roll the dice - or Roll Out - and if you roll a 7 or 11 - or a natural - you win whatever was bet on the Pass line before rolling. However, if you roll a 2, 3, or 12 you lose your chips to the dealer - this is Craps. Any of the remaining numbers hit on the Roll Out - 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 - determine your Box Point. Now, roll the dice until you roll the Box Point again but before you roll a 7.

How To Win

You have more bet options then just the Pass Lines. My husband had these numbers figured by playing a board game called Settlers of Catan, so when he approached the table he knew his odds. If you’ve ever played Setters of Catan, you know that certain numbers have better odds than others. To win at Craps you have to know your odds. They are as follows: Seven usually pays out 4 to 1 but the odds of your rolling a 7 are 5 to 1. This means the house has and edge of 16.66%, however, you are more likely to roll a 7 than any other number on the dice. Eleven pays 14 to 1. The odds of you rolling an 11 are 17 to 1. Place Bets – Bet on and rolll a 4 or a 10 to win a pay off at 9 to 5. The odds of you rolling either are 10 to 5. Bet on and roll a 5 or a 9 and win a pay off at 7 to 5. Which is one of the closest to the true odds, 7.5 to 5. Or bet and roll a 6 or an 8 with a pay off at 7 to 6, with true odds being at 6 to 5, which is only a difference of 1.51%. Buy Bets – this is when you pay a 5% vig so that you get the true odds on all numbers. This is a worthwhile bet when you are wagering on a 4 or a 10, as this reduces the house edge from 6.66% to 4.76% Hard Ways – this is when you are betting on the Hard Four, the Hard Six, the Hard Eight or the Hard Ten – in other words, two 2s, two 3s, two 4s, or two 5s. This bet pays off 9 to 1 on the Hard Six or Hard Eight and 7 to 1 on the Hard Four and the Hard Ten. The pay off if you hit is great and the excitement is enhanced by the risk: but if you hit an eight that isn’t Hard, it can be frustrating. Come Bets or Pass Line Bets - Bet these to get even money bets with a house edge of 1.414%. Don’t Pass or Don’t Come Bets – Bet these to get even money bets with a house edge of 1.402%. The Field – Turn a 2 or a 12 into a win with a pay off of 2 to 1. Big 6 & 8 – You get even money on despite of the true 6 to 5 odds. The house has an edge of 9.09%.

Now you know the odds, you can roll the dice with as much certainty as the casino. Go to LibertySlots Casino, and play Craps and take a chance on your favorite number.

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