Beat the Bank Slots

Beat The Bank is a video slot game all about a heist - so really, it could more accurately be titled Rip The Bank Off. In this game, you are a professional jewel thief trying to break into a safe deposit box inside of a maximum security bank vault. You'll need to plan very carefully - you'll need plans of the venue and weighs around the video surveillance system, but these are all part of the game so you should be OK. If we strip off the theme, this is an excellent video slot game that features a free spins feature, a cool bonus game where you try to crack the safe, and a healthy $125,000 jackpot prize. Luckily   play Beat the Bank Slots!

It's All In the Planning

Luckily playing Beat the Bank Slots requires less careful thought then actually pulling off a jewel heist would. In fact, you should have the mechanics of the game down after only a few spins. Success at Beat the Bank comes down to balancing the number of lines you're playing with the amount of money you're betting on each of them. There are 20 pay lines in total that you can bet on, and the more you activate, the higher the likelihood of your hitting a winning combination. However, each line costs a coin bet, and you can set the values anywhere between $25 and 1c. Playing all 20 lines costs the most money, but it also carries the highest likelihood of winning.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

The most common wins in this game are triggered by the playing card symbols, but the picture symbols are worth an order of magnitude more money, so watch out for them. The Blueprints will yield 500 coins, as will the Security Camera. The diamonds are worth 1000 coins, and ironically the roving Security Guard is the game's most valuable symbol, yielding 5000 coins. If you are playing on maximum bet, that's $125,000! The Safe-cracker symbol is Wild and substitutes for almost anything else, so it's really handy to have it come up in a line.

Bank Beating Bonuses

There are two different bonus rounds in this game. The first is a free spins feature triggered when three Safe-cracker symbols appear simultaneously in the middle reels (2, 3 and 4). Any winnings you pull in from the free spins will be tripled. The Beat the Bank Bonus Game triggers when at least three Safe symbols appear absolutely anywhere on the reels. In the bonus game, you'll be faced with two different safes to crack. One of them will double your bet, and the other will in the bonus round. The game continues, safe after safe, until you've either doubled your money all the way up to 1024 times the original bet, or you hit an empty safe.