Atomic Jackpot Slots

The Atomic Jackpot Slots is another exciting three-reel and 1-payline slot game from Vegas Technology. Many will surely be amazed of this slot game because aside from its interesting theme of a physics laboratory theme, the Atomic Jackpot Slots allows players to win big amounts of money in only two ways, which is less of a complication. The Atomic Jackpot Slots may have numerous icons that are also related to a laboratory, but the game is focused on the Atomic icon, as this is the only icon that generates payout. Wagering on this slot game will only cost the players from as low as $.10 to $10 per coins and they can maxbet up to 5 coins. Download the Atomic Jackpot Slots now and feel it's difference!

Atomic Jackpot Slots Symbols and Winning Combinations

The Atomic Jackpot Slot game has numerous physics laboratory related icons, but the game revolves in only one icon, which is the Atomic icon. Aside from being a regular icon, the Atomic icon also serves as the scatter symbol of the game. As the scatter symbol, it generates payouts every time it appears from any of the reels even if it is not in the payline. The highest paying combination is the three atomic icon that appears in the payline. It generates 500 coins winnings and a maximum of 2,500 coins. The second highest paying combination is the appearance of the atomic icon once in the payline. This combination allows the player to win 2 coins and a maximum of 10 coins.

Atomic Jackpot Slots Nice Features

Like many of the online slot game, the Atomic Jackpot Slots also has nice features that include the auto play and the stop spin features. As we all know, the auto play brings comfort and ease in playing. The player will just have to set the number of spins, bet amount, the elapse time and all. After setting all the needed setting, simply click start and the auto play will do the rest. The Stop Spin option on the other hand let the players save a lot of time. Instead of waiting all the reels to stop from spinning, one can immediately click stop spin and see if a winning combination is formed.