City Life Slots

Can you survive in the toughest neighbourhood downtown? Now you can find out without ever leaving the safety of your home, thanks to a top game found at 888 Casino-On-Net. City Life is a graphically rich video slot game set in the fast paced and dangerous world of the street. In fact, if you want our opinion, Gangster Life would have been a better title. This is a fully featured game with plenty of surprises under its hood, and a fat $15,000 jackpot prize. It's got Wild and Scatter symbols to make it easier to hit, and a neat bonus round to pile on the extra pay outs. Hit the streets today with City Life - play the game right now at 888's Casino-On-Net website. You can play City Life Slots in Flash live online, or download the software to your own computer free of charge and play City Life Slots downloading version.

Learn to Survive on the City Streets

Luckily, learning to play City Life isn't as dangerous a proposition as surviving in the Hood. You should be on top of this game within a few spins, and it won't cost you an eye. First understand that while this game takes "coins", you can decide what those coins are worth. City Life will let you bet anywhere between $0.05 and $10 per coin. You can only bet a single coin on a pay line, but the game makes up for this by allowing you to play multiple pay lines at a time. Check the game's help section for specific line shapes, but there are a total of 20 lines you can play. More lines equate to more chances to hit on each spin.

The Identity Parade

The symbol set for this game contains a lot of items you'll find either on or related to the Street, as well as a full cast of characters. On the low end of the pay scale expect to see the Hot dog, the Handcuffs, the Money and the Car. Stepping up from there, you'll meet (in ascending order of value) the gold chain wearing DJ Valensia, the crooked cop Ramzi Snip, Ronna Heels the street walker, Madam Loretta who books her appointments, and finally Mr Jobs, the local crime boss. The game has a Wild Graffiti symbol that appears only on reel 3 that triples the value of any pay line in coincides with - watch out for it.

Making Bonus Money in the City

The bonus round will kick off if 3 Bonus symbols show up anywhere on reels 2-4, regardless of position. In this game, you'll need to pick one of the characters to represent you in the Streetwise Challenge. Each character hides a random multiplier, so picking one just decides how much your prize money is going to get multiplied by. The game is simple - reveal three identical instances of the same amount of money, and that's the value you get to keep - kind of like a scratch card.