Cluedo Slots

Was it Colonel Mustard, with the lead pipe, in the drawing-room? Perhaps it was Professor Plum, with the rope, in the study? Or could it have been Reverend Green, with the knife, in the kitchen? Whoever it was, you are sure to be the winner was the new Cluedo video slot game from Wager Works. This game is a slot adaptation of the classic board game, and there are plenty of surprises under the hood, including a Wild symbol, a massive $125,000 jackpot prize, and a cool mini version of the original game that you can trigger as a bonus round! Play Cluedo Slots!

Less Rules, More Winnings

The original Cluedo board game had a long list of rules that you have to follow in order to play, but thankfully the video slot version is far easier. To start playing, first activate between 1 and 15 pay lines that you'd like to play. Since each line costs a bet, you do risk more money the more lines you add, but you also greatly increase your chances of winning on each spin, so there's a payoff. Next, decide how much money you'd like to wager on each of your activated lines. Cluedo takes bets as high as $10 a line, and as low as 5c. These options being set, playing is as simple as clicking the Play button after each round.

The Usual Suspects

The symbol set for Cluedo uses the same characters and items from the original board game. On the lower end of the pay scale are all of the weapons: the Candlestick, the Lead Pipe, the Rope, the Spanner, the Knife, and the Revolver, all worth between 80 and 250 coins. The characters are worth a lot more, starting with three recordings for Rev Green, and finishing up with 1000 coins for Miss Scarlet. The Cluedo logo itself is the most valuable, paying out up to 12,500 coins, which would swell your bankroll by $125,000 if you hit it on maximum bet. Interestingly, the Wild symbol, which substitutes for almost any other symbol, is also worth 12,500 coins!

Find the Killer, Collect the Bonus Reward

To trigger the bonus round, you need three Bonus symbols on any active pay line. This launches a stripped down version of the original board game. You'll be given three attempts to solve the murder by selecting a murderer, a weapon, and a location. There are no real wrong answers, but different solutions are worth different amounts of money. The strategy is in settling on a bonus amount that you feel comfortable with, because electing to try again voids your current win, and you can only try three times. Stick with a number that looks good!