Wheel of Plenty Slots

Just released in 2010 by Microgaming, Wheel of Plenty is a three reel, one payline slot that is a trip back in time in slot tradition, but a completely modern and highly entertaining game to play. Like many of the original fruit types of slots gamblers only have to focus in on one line for a win but the circus or fair theme, complete with a ringmaster, as well the multipliers, bonus game option and great graphics make this a must try slot machine for anyone that enjoys a spin of the reels.

Welcome To The Circus

The really great thing about the original slot machines is they were simple, provided gamblers with clear, easy ways to see their winning reels, while still providing fun and excitement. Wheel of Plenty is the same, all gamblers need to do is choose their coin bet amount and hit the spin button. The maximum bet amount is $10.00, with a possible winning jackpot of 2000 coins. There are also nudge, shifta, hold and reel features that are available right on the main screen, which also displays the payout for each winning combination. These additional features allow the player to interact with the game, and with correct timing and a bit of luck also increase your chances of winning.

Circus Symbols

Like a traditional three reel fruit slot Wheel of Plenty offers some of the old mixed with some of the very unique. The fruits symbols of cherries, lemons and plums are there, but so are caramel apples, goldfish in bowls, teddy bears and rubber ducks. However, the major symbol to watch for is the Wheel of Plenty symbol, get three on the payline and you will be immediately launched into the bonus game.

Spin The Wheel Of Plenty To Win The Bonus Game

The Wheel of Plenty symbol is the big winner, with three on the reels on the payline your invitation to spin and win big. Just like with any wheel style of game you spin the wheel and win the amount of cash indicated by the position in which the wheel lands. However, not only does three Wheel of Plenty symbols allow you to enter the bonus game but it also multiplies your winnings by a whopping 2000 times.

What Are You Waiting For?

A simple download is all that is required to start playing, and winning, on Wheel of Plenty. Since the game itself is very simple it is a perfect option for either an experienced gambler or someone that is very new at online wagering and playing. The colorful circus theme of the game is fun and the bright, colorful options in the bonus game as well as in the background of this three reel game really do make it stand out. Even if you aren't an online slot player this game is definitely going to take you back to the first time you entered a casino. It will also definitely keep you wanting more circus themed fun and Wheel of Plenty action.