Bitcoin Poker Tournaments

The Bitcoin currency is showing up in online gaming quickly and with great power. Those who love to utilize the security and ease of this online gaming payment method will be happy to know that they can now also engage in Bitcoin poker tournaments.

The current Bitcoin poker tournaments are much like the other live online poker tournaments players have enjoyed for many years, but with a Bitcoin basis. Players from anywhere in the world can join the tournaments, which helps get past any restrictions of local laws. That is one reason players choose to use Bitcoin, as well.

The Bitcoin poker tournaments are operated in real-time and can run on various platforms. They are offered both for Bitcoins and for free, allowing those who are experienced as well as those who are new to poker tournament play to enjoy their experience.

Before signing up for a Bitcoin poker tournament, players should be sure they understand how Bitcoin betting works and how to best utilize their funds. The free tournaments obviously come with little risk and are often referred to as "Freerolls". It can lead to winning real cash, but without the risk of losing anything by playing. This is the ideal method of playing for those who have never played online poker or for those who would rather play in a "freeroll" once before they play in a real money tournament.

The real cash tournaments will require each player "buys in". Often online formats will require a player builds up a specific number of points or their bankroll before they can qualify for playing in real cash Bitcoin tournaments. While there are indeed places to play in a Bitcoin tournament without having to gather points or previous funds, it's not typical. Real cash Bitcoin tournaments most often have varying prize pools, depending on the amount of players who are playing and the fees they paid in order to participate.

Due to the ease and security of the entire Bitcoin currency process, more and more casinos are starting to offer it as their preferred banking method. This has translated into bonuses and extra promotions for players who use it, as the casinos are happy to reward those who choose their preferred methods. Many casinos are offering separate VIP Bitcoin clubs, as well as extra bonuses for those who use the currency.