Out of this World Slots

Out of this World Slots features an exciting alien theme, great prizes, and quality entertainment. This 5-reel, 9-payline game is big on the entertainment that players have come to expect from Betsoft slots. To learn more about the thrilling Out of this World Slots game, keep reading, or register to play today.

Bet on Great Entertainment

Before players can cash on huge winnings in Out of this World Slots, they'll need to place a wager. Begin by selecting a coin size between $0.01 and $1.00, and then decide how many of the 9 paylines to wager on. Gamblers can wager up to 5 coins per payline per spin, for a maximum per-game bet of $45. Regardless of which coin size is selected, experienced slots players will recommend wagering on all 9 paylines.

Friendly Aliens on the Reels

Out of this World Slots keeps with the theme throughout, offering icons on the reels like Planets, Aliens, and high-valued playing cards. Although the game lacks special symbols like scatters and wilds, it does offer a gorgeous set of colorful reels and entertaining, sci-fi themed music.

Play the Out of this World Bonus Feature

Triggering the bonus game in Out of this World Slots can take a bit, but it's definitely worth the wait. In order to launch this game, players must collect 3 Planet icons; this can occur over the course of several spins. Any Planet appearing on the reels will fly to the top of the game screen, where it will be saved. Once the gambler has 3 Planets, they'll be transported to the actual bonus round.

Once the bonus feature begins, players will be shown a screen containing 6 Spaceships; the gamer must choose carefully, because friendly Aliens provide wins while the nasty Aliens end the game. Prizes are awarded for great picks.

Launch Yourself into Out of this World Slots

Online casino gamblers love games like Out of this World Slots for their simplicity and the potentially huge prizes. While the game does not offer a lot of the frills found in more complicated slot machine games, it does have a pretty cool theme and an excellent bonus feature. In addition to all of this, the graphics and music in the game are simply delightful. Finally, players are certain to absolutely love the friendly little Alien who is present to cheer them on; win or lose, Out of this World Slots is worth the time it takes to play.