Sportsbetting Casino

Many casinos have been changing their names lately, moving servers to new countries and shifting their ownerships between several unknown conglomerates in order to throw off the paper trail. It's all been bobbing up and down in the waters between legal and questionable, but as the tidal wave of lost and wandering US players finally starts to settle down and find new places to play, it's clear that whoever hits the ground running from this point could set themselves up to take a huge piece of the online gambling pie.

I've been playing Texas Hold'Em at a website "" for years now, and trust both their software and their playerbase with a stipend of about $150 every month. Last year however, suddenly vanished, being replaced by the less local '', which after looking it up I discovered was an Algerian address. That region is somewhat notorious for its lawlessness, so although I was still eager to play, they had moved their home base to a much less traceable location and stopped accepting my MasterCard overnight so it wasn't like I exactly had the option even if I wanted it.

US Players Accepted

They also stopped accepting new US players, although existing accounts with proven deposit records could continue to operate without any problems (other than the Visa workaround). Now, finally after almost 12 months without another option, has finally hit the scene for new American users, and the playerbase is swelling faster than ever. Much like Sportsbook, Sportsbetting offers players the chance to spend their chips on live poker tables and tournaments, along with video casino options from blackjack to Pai Gow and keno.

Great Gaming Choices

You can also play any of the dozens of slots to choose from, including Black Gold where players are teleported back 150 years to the Old West in America, giving us all the chance to re-live the wild cowboy days of saloons, oil-men, and gunslingers. With nearly 80 different line combinations in total, the chances to win on this slot are through the roof!

And who could forget all the promotions that US players get an exclusive chance to take advantage of? Some casinos will give you a one time, two time, sometimes maybe even triple deposit bonus, depending on how lucky you get. But act now, and you can get in on a LIFETIME 25% BONUS, and yes you read those caps locked letters correctly. Adhering to the terms and conditions, every single deposit you make from the time you sign up until death will get a 25% bonus, and as someone who's reviewed nearly every online casino in the business I can say with all honesty that I've never seen a deal quite like that before.