5 Wishes Slots

If you could make a wish, what would you wish for? Now, what about five wishes? What would you do with those?

You need not think about it any longer because the 5 Wishes online slot game is here. The wishes part of the theme suggests the appearance of a genie. And yes, there might be a lamp involved too. Shall we see what else might appear?

Developer info

The 5 Wishes slot has been developed and produced by Realtime Gaming.

You're guaranteed access to a demo game

It's always refreshing to see a software developer that reliably releases its games with demos included. That's the case here too.

Wishing for a great theme

Our wish has been granted here, as we are focused on the story of Aladdin and the genie in the magic lamp. It's been done before, of course, but it's good to see it in action here again.

A wonderful and magical design

The design manages to look quite magical, which is a nice touch and difficult to achieve. The one thing that lets this game down is the use of the playing card symbols to cover the cheaper spots in the paytable. We can't help but think some other icons could have been created that would better suit the theme.

Getting started with the 5 Wishes slot game

You won't be surprised to see five reels in play, nor to see three symbols appearing on each of them. The game qualifies as a progressive slot, as it includes two amounts on the game screen that are waiting to be won.

The genie takes on the wild role. He is feeling generous as well here because whenever you get a prize with one or more wilds in it, he'll double the prize amount for you.

The genie's lamp takes on the other essential role, which is that of the scatter.

Paylines in 5 Wishes slots

If you like a nice quantity of lines to play on, you're in a good place here. There are 25 lines in total to bet on. Those are adjustable, but remember that if you play fewer lines, you won't net any prizes appearing on lines you didn't bet on.

Place your bets!

The all-important call… and for this game, you can play with coins worth between a cent and a dollar on each line. Just one coin per line, mind.

Paytable information for 5 Wishes

Some games use a burger icon to show you where to find the paytable. That's the case with this game too. Look for three small lines, one above the other, like a burger. The icon is near the bottom of your screen.

Any bonuses to look for?

No, nothing like this is found in the 5 Wishes online casino slot.

Free spins are up for grabs, however

Look out for the genie's lamp to find your way into this round. Three or more lamps provide you with 10 free spins. There is a chance to trigger more once you're there, too.

The wild genie is in play during these games. However, there is a random wild feature involved too. This means the genie may choose to throw additional wilds onto the reels. It isn't guaranteed to happen, but you'll be ready to celebrate when it does.

Is there a clear RTP value involved in the game?

Only RTG knows for sure what the exact value is. They never add it to the paytable for any of their games.

Is this a favorite slot game of ours?

It's a good one, certainly, and worthy of 8/10. It may not be an original theme, but it's certainly an engaging theme. There's plenty to get stuck into, with just enough twists to keep you entertained.

Watch out for progressive jackpot winners

Are we going to hear about any of these, we wonder? And how long might it be before news of a big winner gets out?

Play 5 Wishes just for entertainment today

This is a superb game and one that is at least worth checking out in more detail. Take it for a few demo spins to find out more about it.

Play for real once you've worked out a budget

5 Wishes is ready to play at many good RTG casinos. Work out a budget to use first though - and be sure you're happy to lose any wager you place. It's the sensible way to play slots online.

A mobile version of 5 Wishes is available

All modern RTG games are fine to play across many mobile handsets. Grab your tablet or smartphone and try the game today. Android and Apple fans should enjoy the experience, for sure.