Streetball Star Slots

Streetball Star Slots is one of the newest online slot games to make an appearance at online casinos and comes equipped with a basketball theme, allowing players to feel like a sports star while spinning their ways to giant wins. Instead of highlighting formally organized basketball, Streetball Star Slots focuses on streetball basketball that occurs often in inner city parks. Whereas in physical streetball, the winners can claim bragging rights, in Streetball Star Slots, winners can win much more than the right to brag. Instead, they can win loads of cash to brag about.

Streetball Star Slots Game Setup & Symbols

When players log into the Streetball Star Slots game they are quickly taken to a neighborhood that looks like almost any area of New York City. The slot game offers five reels and 3 rows, with 243 different ways to win. Symbols fit nicely with theme and include NYC, a basketball player attempting a dunk, a hat, a Streetball Star logo, a back rim, a basketball, the Statue of Liberty, a Wild symbol, and other symbols of basketball players doing various basketball related activities.

Special Bonus Features, Wilds & Scatters: Streetball Star Slots

To help players play their best streetball game, Streetball Star Slots offers both Wilds and Scatters. The basketball symbol acts as the game's Scatter symbol. When players are skilled enough to land three or more basketball symbols, they will be immediately rewarded with 15 free spins. The game's Wild symbol acts much like the typical slot wild, substituting for all symbols except for the basketball. The Wild is a spray painted symbol that says "Wild". One interesting thing about Streetball Star Slots is the fact that Wilds can become stacked, up to three tiles. This can lead to huge wins.

Streetball Star Slots also contains a bonus feature called the Spray Reels feature. During this feature the player will notice the reels covered in spray paint. The symbols that end up being covered with the pain will be transformed into other symbols. This feature continues until there are no more winning combos possible.

Players who are basketball fans or want to remember their youthful pastimes of playing streetball will thoroughly enjoy Streetball Star Slots. With Wilds, Scatters, free spins, and a fun bonus feature, Streetball Stars Slots can help players find giant opportunities to take home giant wins.