Achilles Deluxe Slots

We can easily answer that question by saying ‘Yes!’ But that would make for a short review, so we’ll expand on the new Achilles Deluxe slot game here.

The presence of Achilles reveals a little about what is to come. Yet this slot game has some appealing features you may not be expecting. Let’s explore to see what is in store.

Check out the practice game first

What better way could there be to see it in action and to figure out whether it holds enough appeal to dip into your budget for?

Return to the Trojan War and Troy

While we don’t get to see the war itself, we do see Achilles, Helen of Troy, and another warrior on the reels. The game makes the most of the popular theme, showing us a little of ancient Greece as it does so.

Does it deserve top marks for the design?

Yes – you can tell this game is a new release. It marks a striking contrast with the original, non-deluxe, slot. We still have a soft spot for that one, but if you liked it, you’re going to love this version.

Greek pillars, famous characters, stunning details… all this and more is in store for you when you play.

What does the Achilles Deluxe slot game offer?

The game works on the usual 5 x 3 format. Above the reels, you’ll see a pleasant sight… two progressive jackpot amounts. The minor and major pots have random triggers, which means the payouts could occur at any time. All you need is to hit the secret combo on the reels to unlock one…

There are two important symbols in this game, too. The first is the substitute. Wild would be a better name as it is represented by a W inside a green circle. Watch for the Achilles Deluxe logo too, rendered in striking purple, because this is a scatter symbol.

Fixed paylines make life simpler

With fixed lines in action, all you need to do ahead of each spin is to select the most appropriate wager for your budget.

Be sure you are happy with your bet amount

Adjust the available options to look through the different amounts. You can then see which one would give you the most spins for your budget.

Paytable details

Everything you need to know about the game is displayed in the paytable. You can reach this from the control panel underneath the reels.

Bonuses in Achilles Deluxe

We can keep this bit of our review short, as there are no bonus features in the game.

Free spins come in two sizes

Yes, there are two free spin features in the slot game. The first one is triggered whenever you find three scatters. These can appear anywhere, and when they do show up, 10 free games are ready for you to play.

A couple of things to bear in mind about those games before we move on. Firstly, all prizes receive a 2x multiplier. Secondly, you can trigger more in the same manner. Oh, and as a bonus, you can get into the spins with two scatters if you find a wild on the same spin.

So, what about the other free game feature? This one is unlocked when you find three wilds on the screen. You are presented with three symbols and you must pick one to see whether you have won 15, 20, or even 25 free games.

The retrigger feature is present for these, too. There is also a multiplier, except this time you get 3x the usual prize values. All scatters are subbed by wilds in this version.

Waiting for RTP info…

Nothing has been revealed yet, but we’ll bring you that information here when we find it.

The Achilles Deluxe slot earns an excellent rating

There is enough to provide the game with an 8/10 score. We like to see free games, but seeing two versions – each won in a different way – is better still.

Progressive jackpot winners are waiting in the wings…

They just don’t know it yet. No one knows who is going to scoop one of those pots first. Randomly triggered, the minor and major prizes await, adding further appeal to this slot game.

Introduce yourself to the demo first

Since this is a new game, it’s impossible to know whether you’ll like it until you play it. So, try the demo and see what you think. Some casinos even allow this for non-members.

You must be a casino member to play for real

That is sensible enough. Find a casino that has Achilles Deluxe ready to play. Look out for a welcome bonus, sign up and claim it, and you’re ready to start whenever you wish.

Mobile accessibility

You can play this new slot game on Android, iOS, and a host of other mobile platforms. Whether you choose the smartphone or tablet route, you can look forward to some cool mobile gaming in ancient Greece today.