Five Reel Slots

Five reel slots are commonly used in the field on online gaming. Listed as the most advanced of all the machines, it supersedes the three-reel slot, the very first slot that was introduced back in the 1800s. Those who have played on five reel slots love it for its variety as it gives players up to 15 pay lines and more and not to mention the incredible features, some of which you would not even find on traditional reel slots.

As mentioned earlier, slot machines were first introduced by Charles Fey circa 1800's. Around that time, the three reel slots emerged and a winner was declared whenever the reels or drums had stopped spinning. These days the three reel slots are still among the widely used slots in gaming at both physical and virtual casinos. In addition, while it lacks the variety as its other counterparts, it is very common in Las Vegas and other known casino spots.

Five Reel Slots are designed to give the gamer more bonuses and free spins and not to mention close to 40 pay lines. Check out Lincoln Casino for example and you'll get the impression of the 5 reel slots. More than that, when you play using a five reel slot, you are guaranteed to win up to $20,000 in prizes which is a huge payout compared to the other online game slots. Best 5-Reel Slots

Progressive slots and Free Slots

Other gaming slots include the progressive slot and the free slots. The progressive slots are known for its huge payouts, which usually amount to more than that of a physical casino. Free slots on the other hand serve as a tutorial or practice forum for burgeoning casino gamblers. You will never be asked to invest money in any of these games so even if you do win, you would not be compensated for it either. Best Progressive Slots:

There is a huge difference when playing on a five-reel slot machine as opposite to that of the other slots. For one thing, you can play games and experience varied themes and characters that will help to break the monotony if there ever was one.

A game such as Mermaid Slots for instance would be better if played with a five-reel slot. The themes in some of the games run the gamut of treasure scenes to that of action-packed which is supported by various characters.

Even the popular game Wheel of Chance Slots is better on a five-wheel slot. In this game, you can make a bet of $10.00, which could win you up to $144.000 in the jackpot. With bonuses and free games galore, there is a 20-line slot on this game and 20 pay lines.

Other great examples of the 5 reel slots are Royal Caribbean Slots and Cash 'n Curry Video Slots