Vanguards Casino

Very few casinos have a presentation that’s as good as this one. Vanguards Casino draws you in with a calming blue background, along with lights and gentle movement in the design.

If you have played a few slots before now, you might just recognize a few of the faces that crop up on the home page too. We won’t spoil anything, but you may want to look at them to see who is there.

Which software does the casino use?

Rival Gaming provides some of the software in use at Vanguards Casino. That’s not all though – you also get the chance to enjoy games from Betsoft. Those two names guarantee you are going to enjoy the experience at Vanguards.

What is the gaming lobby like?

Very nice! The games are neatly divided into several sectors, so it’s light work for you to go where you want to be. The slots are available in several types, so they’ve given you subsections for those too. Vanguards Casino gives you a nice easy design and format to get used to, and it doesn’t take long to do just that.

Which countries and jurisdictions can use the casino?

This is uncertain, since the casino’s Ts and Cs don’t mention any prohibited areas. You must check whether you can participate in your location. We can state the presence of certain currencies though, including the US dollar, the Australian dollar, the British pound, and the euro. Those might give some clues.

There are games galore to check out at Vanguards Casino

With more than just the regular slot games at Vanguards, you won’t get any trouble when finding some pleasing games to play. Look out for video poker as an alternative to the real thing. There are assorted table games too, along with some specialty titles here and there.

Exploring the slots on offer

Slot games are very popular, but we like it when we see a casino that splits them all into different areas. That is the case here, where slots are divided into three-reel and five-reel options. You can also view all the interactive slots developed by Rival. Elsewhere, 3D slot games created by Betsoft get their own area too.

Do you want to play without paying for it?

You can if you select the demos of the games. This means no real prizes are available, but if all you want is some great entertainment without risk, this is the way to do it. Vanguards Casino delivers countless demo or practice games, giving you access to long sessions of gaming with a relaxed feel.

What should you do if you want to play for real?

This can be done once you have an account with Vanguards and you’ve put some cash in it. It means you can then choose some bets to place on the games on the site. Choose wisely, never stray over your budget, and know that you cannot guarantee any prizes.

New slot games don’t have a category of their own

Don’t worry though – all the new titles released by Betsoft and Rival Gaming will appear on the site at the right time. Most months see releases from both camps, so you’re never far from getting something new to play.

Promotions begin from the moment you sign up

Fancy getting a nice deposit bonus when you join Vanguards Casino? You can get a 200% bonus on your first deposit, making it far more generous than some other casinos. If you would rather choose cashback insurance, you can go for that option instead, giving you greater versatility and choice.

The site also has a chance for some next day cashback once you have joined. This amounts to a maximum of 30% depending on the rules, so read those first.

We didn’t see any tournaments

No, this doesn’t seem to be a feature of the casino.

Who are the latest winners?

Vanguards Casino is congratulating some big winners even as you read this. Their home page is the place to learn their names and what they’ve won. That page also reveals how high the jackpots have gotten in some of the progressive slots.

Rewards equal comp points – and vice versa!

Yes, the casino does offer comp points to all members of its VIP club. Unfortunately, you’re not guaranteed to get through the doors of the club. It is an invitation only affair, which means you must simply wait and hope you might be invited.

Playing on mobile devices

Firstly, it is worth remembering you don’t need an app to get access to this casino. If you want to visit Vanguards on your tablet or smartphone, you can do so via your selected browser. The site is responsive to mobile users, which makes life easy for you.

Do you need an account to play here?

You do if you want to play the real games, of course. However, if you want to check out some demonstration versions of certain games before deciding what else to do, the site does allow simple access to those. Select the practice option and you won’t be asked to log in first.

Instant play gaming

This is easy to do at Vanguards Casino. You can enjoy playing in the Flash casino, which only requires Adobe’s Flash software to get things going. You probably already have it installed, but the official Adobe site will guide you through it if not.

No information is given on affiliate possibilities

We didn’t spot any details pertaining to this.

Want to wager on sporting events too?

If so, you’ll need another site. Vanguards Casino sticks with its casino offer and doesn’t give you a chance to connect with bookies.

No on-site casino blog

That’s not unusual, but we do like to see them when they appear. You won’t find one at Vanguards Casino though.

Reading about the site on forums

It’s always nice to chat with other casino members whenever you can. The easiest way to do this is to go to online forums where members of Vanguards are there to chat to.

Live dealer games are available if you want them

You can’t assume there are live games to be played at any casino. It’s good news, then, to see you can play at Vanguards Casino. Roulette and blackjack are among the options, as are Caribbean stud poker and baccarat.

Making deposits

Cards and e-wallets are great to see at this casino. You can also spot some other options you might want to think about – some of which aren’t as well-known as these.

Making withdrawals

A wire transfer is a good way to get hold of your cash. Alternatively, think about e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller.

The Bitcoin logo is highlighted on the site

Bitcoin is gradually appearing in more online casinos. It seems to be a recent addition at Vanguards Casino as the logo is there, but no mention is made on the banking page.

Getting help whenever you need it

Vanguards Casino leaves no stone unturned in its quest to make sure all its members are satisfied with the experience they get on the site. Live chat is by far the easiest way to speak with someone if you cannot get info from the FAQ section.