The Virtual Casino

The Virtual Casino makes it clear it is an online casino with lots to offer. The convenience of playing online is what attracts most of us to casinos like these. We love the home page design, taking in shades of blue to provide a calming background.

So, is this a site to get excited about? We know the answer because we’ve reviewed every area of the casino to find out more. Read our detailed casino review here to find out plenty of details and info.

A familiar software brand

The casino operates using RTG software. In case you aren’t aware, the letters stand for Realtime Gaming, and they’re real experts at producing sensational casino games.

Check out the webplay lobby

This is the fastest way to consider what awaits you if you join The Virtual Casino. You can see the menu over on the left of your screen. This is where you’ll find online slots, table games, video poker, specialty games, and an option to see all the games together.

You are invited to join the casino

You can either download the casino software and sign up that way or choose the signup option from the top corner of the site on the right. Either way, consider whether you would like to claim your bonus by making a deposit at the start, or whether you’d like to look around first.

Signup restrictions at The Virtual Casino

The casino requires that all members should be at least 21 years old. It also stipulates that you should know the regulations surrounding online gambling in your location.

You can download a complete country list to see if you can play at the casino. There are columns for signing up and for claiming certain bonuses. Those from Australia can play, as can those living in Canada.

Those living in American states except for Maryland and New York can sign up too. You should look for your own country to see whether you can join in the action. Some in Europe can join while others are barred from doing so.

Over 100 assorted casino games to try

Many of these have demo versions too. With specialty games covering roulette and keno among other things, there are some nice changes to be had if you fancy switching from the usual slots. You’ve also got table games and video poker to try.

Plenty of slots covering plenty of themes

Yes, you won’t find it dull playing slots at this casino. Instead, you’ll get the chance to play games based on anything from fruit to bank robbers. There is certainly a lot of variety involved.

Most slots include free games

Try before you buy… we’ve all heard that saying. You can do just that if you are curious to see how certain games play out. While your real experience won’t match anything that happens in a demo game, it does provide some info to go on.

Affordable paid games for everyone

You’ll soon see that the available games have coins starting from just one cent. The smaller games can be played from a cent each go… while others can be played with several dollars per spin or game if you wish. There is something for everyone at this casino.

New slot games are labeled

Once inside the lobby, you’ll see the NEW logo against a red background. This is in the top left corner of any game that qualifies as new. It means you can easily scan the offerings to pick out something you haven’t played before.

A good welcome deal awaits

If this is the casino for you, there is a 1,000% welcome offer waiting to be claimed. There is an 800% signup bonus available with the bonus code WELCOME1000. A minimum deposit of just $30 unlocks this offer.

You can also get 100% of that first deposit returned to you as cashback if you don’t get any prizes. That tops up the deal to 900%. Finally, if you want to deposit a minimum of $100 to get started, you’ll receive the full 1,000% deal and become a VIP member right at the start.

Make sure you read the terms for these offers on the relevant page of the site. We didn’t see any other ongoing deals for current members.

Tournaments don’t appear at the site

Some casinos have tons and others have none. It seems this casino falls into the second bracket.

No casino winners make it onto the home page

This doesn’t always happen… and it doesn’t at The Virtual Casino either.

Are casino VIP rewards available to everyone?

No, but there is a VIP program you can become part of. The minimum deposit to get into the club is $500 though. Alternatively, you need to make consistent deposits across a three-month period. As such, the club won’t suit everyone.

Can you play on tablets and smartphones?

Yes, it appears so, although they don’t have any special downloads or apps to worry about. That should make everything easier to access. The same account details are fine to use no matter how you access the casino.

You won’t be allowed to play without registration

It doesn’t take long to open an account, and there is no requirement to deposit a dime to be able to try the games. RTG always provides its players with demo games. So, while you cannot play without having an account, you can still play demos when you sign up.

Will you choose instant play?

This is one way to access The Virtual Casino. You might prefer the downloadable lobby, in which case follow the link (it says CLICK HERE) and you’ll have the free software installed in moments.

It isn’t necessary to do this to enjoy the casino though. There is a lot of instant action to be had as well.

No links to an affiliate program

If links like this are provided, they tend to lurk at the bottom of the site. We found nothing of the kind at this casino.

No sporting features at The Virtual Casino

It qualifies as a virtual casino, sure, but not as a virtual racebook or sportsbook. No virtual bookie makes an appearance either.

No blog or forum to read

You may not be worried about this. Some casinos have a blog, but that’s not the case here. You could end up looking for such features on other sites though. There are plenty of websites that provide information about online casinos, much like this one. So, you could look for forums or blogs elsewhere if you want to read them.

Live dealer games? Not at this casino

If you have visited a few casinos based on the Realtime Gaming software platform, you’ll know they do not tend to come with any live gaming. The same applies at this casino as well.

Depositing funds

Visa, Bitcoin, MasterCard, and Neteller are provided as options when you want to deposit in your account. However, check which ones are available for your area, as some are not available for all players to use.

Go into the cashier area to make a withdrawal

There are several ways you can do this. They offer wire transfer, check, and a few other options.

Bitcoin could be a smart option

If you feel uncertain about making card payments online, you could opt for Bitcoin instead. You’ll need a dedicated wallet for this, but once you have it, you’ll see how simple and secure the transactions are.

Watch for an opportunity to claim possible banking bonuses too. Many casinos like to offer bonuses for those using Bitcoin. There wasn’t anything available when we visited The Virtual Casino, but don’t write off the possibility something might appear in future.

Use live chat if you can

This live chat facility provides support around the clock, so it doesn’t matter when you want to play. You’ll always get the best support at this casino. The live chat feature allows you to leave a message; you can do that if you haven’t signed up yet. However, members can log into their account to use live chat whenever they wish.