Triple 10x Wild Slots

Triple 10x Wild Slots

We all want to go wild playing slots, especially if we get the best payout the game can bring. Triple 10x Wild has an intriguing and appropriate title, and when you play the classic slot you'll understand why it is called this. You might also see why other players are giving this one a shot.

Format of reels and paylines

This game is a classic one-armed bandit machine, with only three reels and a single win line to play with.

Coin values available to use in Triple 10x Wild slots

You'll be surprised to see a huge range of coins on offer here. These go between one cent and $10 on the line, and it's also possible to wager up to three of your chosen coins on the payline per spin.

Special symbols used in this online slot game

Cherries appear in this game - it is a classic, after all. You will get the cheaper prizes with these, but you only need one to win something. Two and three award prizes, too.

The best symbol to look out for - well, there are two in fact - is the wild. This appears in two varieties. There is a 3x wild and a 10x wild.

Are there any bonus features in Triple 10x Wild?

There are no free spins to be had and no bonus feature either. However, you can get bigger prizes with the help of those wilds. One appearing in a prize-winning combination triples its value if the wild is a 3x version. And as you might guess, the 10x wild appearing once in a prize-winning line means you get 10x your prize.

But if you manage to get one 3x wild, one 10x wild and another symbol, whatever prize you would win for three of the odd symbol on the line will be multiplied by a huge 30x the usual amount. This is because the two wilds multiply by each other, making it possible to win huge amounts.

Download and play Triple 10x Wild slots today!

This is one game that 'hides' the best feature in the title. Even though you may have had a clue as to what it was when you started, you will know now how good the feature is, and what it may promise you. Making sure you get the best of this game is very important, so give it a try and see how lucky you might be!