Player At Lincoln Casino Wins Giant $96K On One Spin

Memorial Day weekend started with a bang this year for one lucky Lincoln Casino player. Player Darren G took home a giant $96,040 prize from a single spin on the Mile High Slot that is powered by WGS. While casino manager Ryan Wilson stated, "A lot of players had a really good weekend at the casino. Darren sure did a lot better than most though - this will definitely be a memorable Memorial Day for him!"

Darren G had immediate luck at Lincoln Casino on Memorial Day weekend by playing Lucky 7s Slots, gaining a $11K win. He then decided to try his luck at Mile High slots.

"Lucky Sevens is a highly volatile progressive jackpot slot game so I only really play it when I have a decent balance. I played for a couple of hours, just small bets, around $6.00 a spin. I was lucky to hit three purple 7s with two Wilds. That would have paid $240 but with the two Wilds I got a 49X multiplier, so that paid out $11,760. That gave me a nice cushion!", said Darren G.

After his big win on Lucky 7s, he played for a bit longer but decided he needed to switch games to the 5 reel Mile High slots. Mile High slots come with an airplane theme and several different bonus games and a free spins feature. The free spins feature is attached to a 16x multiplier that is known to pop up quite often during the game. After a few hours of not having any major luck, Darren decided to play a little roulette and video poker. He then decided to go back to Mile High slots once more, before quitting for the evening.

Another 45 minutes later, Darren was playing on a free spin with a $6.25 bet and he hit five Pilot symbols on three paylines that also included two Wild symbols each. For a normal bet of $0.25 a line, that would have paid out $2000 per line. However, the Wild symbols each added a 16x multiplier, so the winning pay out became $32,000 on each of the three lines.

Lincoln Casino is always happy to see their loyal players take home giant wins. Casino manager Ryan Wilson said, "Darren's been playing with us for about five years now and we couldn't be happier for him getting this huge win. It's always great when these things happen. It ramps up what I call the 'could be me' factor, especially when you get such a massive payout from a pretty small bet!".