New Slot At Bovada Payouts Of $246K Win

It's not all that often that a slot is introduced to an online casino as being new and then pays out a giant payout within short time thereafter, but that's exactly what happened recently at Bovada Casino. On January 14th, Bovada Casino's new game, Reign of Gnomes, made a huge $246K payout to a player. When this happens, several things often follow. First, the slot game itself sees a giant boost in popularity, as more and more players want to try their hand at winning big at the "lucky" slot. Secondly, the casino itself gets a better reputation at offering winning slots, which is highly important for players who are spending their time and money there. It really is a win-win for all involved.

How A Player Won $246K From Reign Of Gnomes: Bovada Casino

Benjamin F. from Indiana likely had no idea he was about to win an enormous payout when he started playing Reign of Gnomes at Bovada Casino on January 14th. He put down a fairly large wager of $120 and then triggered the game's free spin round. From the free spin round he was able to take home a total of $246,570.

Let's Talk About Using Free Spins Slot Features For Big Payouts

While most players like to play progressive jackpot slots in order to have a great chance of winning a larger than normal payout, there is something to be said about the possibilities of winning large payouts by playing slots with bonus features and free spins features.

The specific game in this story, Reign of Gnomes, has a free spins feature that is slightly more generous than most comparable free spins features in other online slot games. During Reign of Gnomes at Bovada Casino, a dragon spins a Golden Wheel on the screen to see which "spell" the free spin will carry with it. Some of the "spells" can include multipliers, extra wild symbols, a spin-til-you-win round, or an additional bonus round. The player in this case won the huge payout from the free spins round alone.

All in all, there are a few pieces of advice many industry professionals give to new online slots players. They suggest placing the max bet on each spin, or the highest bet they can possibly afford and now they quite possibly could start suggest playing games with generous free spins features.