Play Emoji Reactors for a Totally Different Take to a Slot Game

Let's be clear about Emoji Reactors from the start - this is not a slot game. Instead, you have a 7 x 7 grid of balls with faces on them. Yep, that's right - they've all got faces and some are angelic whereas others are devilish. Still more have sombreros and sunglasses on, so there's a real mix!

The idea is to get five or more matching characters in that grid to win a prize. The more matching ones you get in one play, the bigger the prize. Getting 15 will trigger one of the bigger prizes, and getting 30 or more of the Mac ball will bring you the jackpot if you're playing the maximum bet.

With Bonus Game Trails available for Burnie and Angelica - the bad and good emojis respectively - there is more to this game than you'd believe, too. Give it a shot and see how many matching emojis you can find.