Monkey's Money Slots

Microgaming wasn’t monkey-ing around when they designed this simple easy to understand slot. With only 3 reels and a single payline you can’t go wrong when looking for winning combinations! You can bet as many as 2 coins per spin. The second coin like with most other fruit slots activates the second column in the paytable shown to the right of the reels. You can increase your coin size to $5 per coin and spin for $10 a pop. The 3,000 coin jackpot can be as much as $15 000 when you bet max! Go bananas with this easy to play game with great payouts!

Monkey see, monkey do

This is a fruit slot, so there is only one payline that runs horizontally through the center of the three spinning reels. If it is not on the payline it doesn’t pay. The key to understanding this slot is the paytable. Once again this is very simple! Many fruit slots have as many as 5 columns while this has 2. The first column contains the winning combinations, the second is the winnings paid for betting one coin and the third column is your payout if you have bet both coins. Study the table and you will notice that the wins are proportional to the bets. For example if you bet one coin and won 10, had you bet 2 coins, double your original bet, you would have won exactly double. So betting 1 or 2 coins doesn’t seem to make much of a difference until you get to the top. And it is only by betting max that you will be able to cash in on the jackpot combination.

The monkey and the symbols

Your best friend is the cheeky monkey. He is the wild and 3 of him will pay you the jackpot of 3,000 coins on a max bet. Besides this there are 7’s, your next valuable symbol, single, double and triple bars and the banana’s that getting even one will pay you a little something!

Special features

This game has great graphics and looks like plenty of fun but the best feature is the jackpot. Set the game to auto-play on max bet. These expert features allow you to customize your setting so that the game can be left spinning while you wait for the jackpot. Set it to stop on the jackpot or any win larger than a certain amount. You decide how many spins, you decide on the biggest win.

Get the monkey’s share

This is a great beginner’s game, very easy to understand with no conflicting or confusing features. It’s a brilliant way to introduce you to expert mode and can keep you in the money for a lot longer. You are rewarded on almost every spin, a very nice way to create a good balance to keep you going. Now is the time to play with the monkey’s money, download the casino and open an account to get in on the fun!