Mona Casino

The Mona online casino has been becoming more and more popular ever since it was established in late 2011. They are part of the Rome Partners Affiliate Program brand that also runs and operates other successful online casinos. The casino is fully licensed and regulated out of Costa Rica, which makes it a perfect location to better serve their customers. The Mona Casino is completely U.S. friendly, allowing the casino to expand their services to players outside of Europe and Canada, and especially out of France which is their main focus. They make use of the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci, the Mona Lisa, using her legendary smile to attract more players. The online casino makes use of the software developed by Top Game. As any great casino would have, they carry all the big games like the slots, and card and table games.

Mona Casino Software

The Mona online casino uses gaming software developed by Top Game. It is an internationally renowned company that develops software for online casinos and other online gambling sites. The management team at Mona casino takes their website, member, and game security very seriously. This is the main reason they continually test their random number generator in the software to keep it legitimate. Top Game is also highly regulated and licensed, making their games top quality and versatile. Records of each play are kept within the software for every player, which is a helpful tool when proving the validity of the software itself.

The casino website uses the software in a downloadable fashion. The players must download the software before being able to play any of the available games. It is an easy process, there are download links placed at convenient locations throughout the website and all the player has to do is install it. As the main site would show, the graphics in the software are high quality and another feature is the animations. It isn’t saturated with obnoxious animations, but rather with tasteful animations of actions that would happen in real life play. Players can modify some aspects of the software, like the background music, whether or not to voice the dealer, and can even have multiple games open using the multi tab function.

Mona Casino Games

As Mona Casino is a Vegas style online casino, they offer most of the game that a person would find on the strip. They have various table games like Roulette and craps, as well as some card games like Blackjack and Poker. However, the main attractions that many casino enthusiasts play more than any other games are the online slots. The reason being that slots are low cost, very entertaining, and have the promise of a big win. There are many slot games at the Mona casino, which are split into two main categories, classic and video slots. They are equipped to have the feel of a real slot machine, with all the lights and sounds, with the added perk of being virtual. The classic slots are basically like the old fashioned, 3-reel slots. Some of the more popular classic slots are Bankroll Reload and Red White Blue; each themed after their names. The video slots are more versatile, allowing multiple pay lines and having 5 reels. The popular video slots at the moment are Merry Bells, Bee Land, and Daytona Gold. Merry Bells is Christmas themed, where Santa gives you bonuses. Bee Land is just that, anything related to bees is used, along with some creative interpretations to make it interesting. For those car racing fans, Daytona Gold lets them line up drivers and cars in order to get the big win.

Mona Casino Bonuses and Promotions

For the new members Mona Casino has an amazing welcome bonus. Players can receive a 400% deposit bonus on the first 5 deposits, up to $400 each; which means they have a chance to get up to $1600 in playable cash. They have a varied assortment of daily promotions that change regularly, so members should always keep an eye out for those. Players can get $25 every time they refer a friend and they sign up; which along with the great welcome bonus is a great deal for you and your friend.

Mona Casino Customer Service and Banking

Banking at Mona is simple and secure. They accept dollars, British pounds, and euros and they accept deposits through the use of Credit Cards and online banking sites like Neteller and Moneybookers. For a member to withdraw money they can use any of the options made for depositing funds. Since the online casino boasts about security, they have a great staff waiting to help at any time. They provide a toll free telephone number, e-mail service, and an online chat service that can be accessed through the lobby; all of which have 24/7 availability.