Jester's Jackpot Slots

During the Middle Ages and beyond, royal courts as well as well-to-do aristocrats employed jesters or more commonly known as “fools” who were licensed to amuse and entertain. These jesters would wear multi-colored coats and funny hats. However, if their employers found them to be insolent, they would be severely punished. Although this tradition ended after Charles I was overthrown, some remnants remain such as the Jester’s Jackpot Slots. This is a classic slot, easy to play, and available at Vegas Technology casinos.

Jester’s Jackpot Game Facts

A 3-reel, 1-payline slot, Jester’s Jackpot Slots is a colorful reminder of days gone by. With a coin size ranging from 25¢ to $5, this is an ideal slot game for penny slot players as the maximum bet is $15. The first jackpot is 2400 coins, while the second jackpot is worth 1600 coins. The paytable is conveniently located to the right of the slot machine providing all the winning combinations you can view while playing.

Keep ‘Em Laughin

The symbols in Jester’s Jackpot are realistic for the day and include a Jester’s Hat, Jester’s Bars, and some classic symbols such as regular bars and cherries. There are no bonus features in this slot game, so you can play for hours vying for the jackpot.

Play Jester’s Jackpot Slots

If you want to be entertained royally, we invite you to play Jester’s Jackpot Slots at our featured Wager Gaming Technology casinos. Although court jesters are a thing of the past, the only joker you may find today is in Batman! Play Jester’s Jackpot Slots and have a royal good time!