Gold Mine Slots

With only three reels and a single payline this slot is adorned with all the bells and whistles. The reels have been built into a frame edged in gold and hung against a wall of similar quality and style. One of Microgaming's very own adventures this slot is one of a number of AWP slots, also known as Amusement With Prizes. The amusement is usually showcased in the text strip just below the reels as it flashes cheeky phrases. Besides the obvious wealth with which this slot machine was created the machine comes across as rather ordinary. It is anything but ordinary, with 2 sets of reels and a bonus game and features dedicated to each set, this game can keep you entertained for hours on end!

AWP's typically have frequent, decent wins that keep you playing for longer and demand your interaction. There is only one payline and only 9 possible winning combinations. The special features in this game are skill based and what makes the game more exciting and increases your chances of winning. The point is to work your way up on the first set of reels and get yourself into the second game mode where you have 5 paylines!

Combine skill and luck, gather points and make it big

Besides the bonus rounds the two features exclusive to AWP's is nudges and hold features. They both activate randomly so be on the lookout for the buttons below the reels before the next spin. The hold feature will hold that reel in position while the rest of the reels spin looking to make a winning combination from the symbol on the held reel.

The nudge feature is great. Once you get the hang of how to use this nifty tool you are able to accumulate nudges to be used next time the nudge button starts flashing. At the end of a spin you are able to see the symbol just above the payline. Click nudge to move it down onto the payline. If you have accumulated enough nudges then you will be able to move it down as many as three times. Nudge the reels into paying out a prize! Setting your bet size is a simple exercise. There is only one coin so the variable is in the coin value. This can be adjusted from 20c to $10. This sets the jackpot at $50 to $2000. Bet according to your bank roll as betting too high can leave you with nothing before you have even had much of a chance to play the interactive elements of the games. If you are looking to play the bonus round full of guaranteed prizes then keep the bet setting low. Payouts will also be lower but this strategy will give you some time to hoard a balance for higher betting strategy further down the line.

Some new, some old but all of them lead to gold

While in Super Game mode there are meaningful symbols. The scatter is the Gold Mine symbol and activates the Gold Mine Bonus Game. The second scatter is the Miner symbol which initiates the Mine Mania Bonus Round, your free spin giveaway round. Most of the symbols are from the old Fruit Slots and work on payouts for three of a kind.

Bonus points and 2 bonus games, everywhere you look there's a bonus in it

Watch the bonus meter in the top left hand corner of the screen. As your credits increase you will be sent to another screen to play the Super Game. This is appropriately played on 3 reels with 5 paylines. A completely new set of rules and a whole new set of symbols take over from here. While in this mode you bet the bonus points gathered from the single payline slot and you win bonus points. Once your bonus points are finished you return to the main screen to top up.

Three scattered Gold Mine Symbols or more anywhere on the reels will take you to the mine's entrance where there are three doors. Select one of these and your multiplier is revealed to you. The mine opens up and you are presented with an array of gold nuggets, once again you are prompted to choose to uncover another value. The two values are multiplied together and this total number is multiplied by your bet to give you your prize! Sounds complicated? Well that's what the machine is there for, watch and learn.

Mine Mania, activated by the Miner in the Super Game, presents you with some loot from the mine. Select one of the 11 objects to show you how many free spins you have won! So get spinning!

Play this game, you will never be the same again

Each set of reels has their own set of fun and mystery to it. The more you play and the deeper you get, the more this game takes a hold of you and just won't let go. Start playing right away at Ladbrokes Casino , all you need is some software, an account and a spirit of fun. Let the games begin!