Crazy Jewelery Slots

Play at Crazy Jewelry Slots. This is a brand new, three-dimensional video slot that is set in an historical Italian village. In the intro video, the main character, a successful jeweller, happily drives his little red car through the narrow streets of the village. He is on his way to his job of protecting the world's finest jewelry at the Crazy Jewelry Shop, and unbeknownst to him, has a stowaway clinging to the bottom of his car.

However, his job is not an ordinary one. The jeweller has his own cigarette smoking, motorcycle-riding guard who sits to one side on the outside of the shop, constantly on guard, for the jewels inside the shop are huge and gorgeous. Out of the corner of his eye, he spies a figure dressed all in black with a black ski mask and green dollar signs for eyes. Things start to get quite interesting at this point of the game!

Enticing Reel Symbols Add Much to Game Play

Reel symbols for Crazy Jewelry Slots include a security camera, a black bust wearing a diamond and emerald necklace, an expensive diamond watch, a safe, a selection of diamonds on a purple cloth, a huge diamond ring in a ring box, the jeweller, gold gift boxes stamped "Crazy Jewelry", and the alert Italian guard. Players may bet 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100 coins per line.

The Crazy Jewelry Bonus Game

During the Jeweler Bonus game, the guard allows the player to enter the Crazy Jewelry Shop. A board full of various colored gems are presented by the jeweller, and it is up to the player to choose the authentic gems. Four chances are given. Players choose the stones they think are authentic, and the jeweller taps them with a small hammer, attempting to break them. He then announces whether or not the stone was indeed authentic, or a fake. If the stones do not break, they are indeed real. Each colored stone that is real nets the player 1000 coins. If four similar authentic stones are chosen, the prize is larger. For selecting several real stones, the jeweller awards the player 5000 coins.

You'll Enjoy Crazy Jewelry Slots

The Wild reel symbol for Crazy Jewelry Slots is the security camera. It substitutes for eight of the reel symbols mentioned above. The game does not seem to have a Scatter symbol, and if by chance it does, it was not revealed to the author during game play. Other than a slightly annoying musical score, which is annoying because it is looped and repeats itself, Crazy Jewelry Slots is an interesting and visually appealing game. You can play this slot instantly at any of the casinos that proudly feature slots from Rival Gaming.