Cool Bananas Slots

Any fan of big pay outs, monkeys, King Kong, bananas, cartoons, or online slot machines needs to play this game. Cool Bananas is a fun and highly prosperous game with several silly characters to give you a fun and exciting break from other games in the casino. Cool Bananas was created with everyone in mind. If you are looking for great animations, memorable characters, or just a lot of cash in the jackpot, this game is for you. It is a basic five reel game with no bonus but huge amounts of free spins available and tons of cash to win. Play Cool Bananas at Liberty Slots!

Don't just Monkey Around

This is a five reel slot that can play up to 25 lines. It has wilds, scatters, and free spins and pays out for several different combinations. There are some strategies to the game though. Many people are of the mind that if you put less in you have a lower risk. This may be true, but it is also true that you will win less. You may want to use the max bet with a smaller coin so that you can maximize your winnings. You want to have as much of the screen covered with your lines as you can get. This way, you are sure to win on at least one line and can even get several lines to pay out in one spin. One other benefit to using the max bet is that you will often extend your play time. Players that use the max bet are able to last longer at the machines, increasing the odds of a jackpot. By utilizing your max bet, you increase your chances at the jackpot, which is the goal to all casino games.

Monkeys on the Reels

Besides the normal nine through ace, this game has several other symbols on the wheel. The symbols are the biggest part of this games charm. There are banana splits and sunglasses to help you beat the heat as well as some skyscrapers for your gorilla to climb. Of course, this game would not be complete without a girl for the primate to hall to the top of the Empire State building. The Mighty Monkey himself serves as a wild card and will double your winnings. No monkey game would be complete without some bananas. The scatter for this game is a half peeled banana that will give a payout if more than two appear anywhere on the screen. Three or more will trigger the free spins where your earnings are doubled. You will receive eight free spins per banana. With that many free spins at double winnings, you will quickly go ape for this monkey.