Blue Lagoon Slots

Don't miss your opportunity to win money playing Blue Lagoon slots. Paradise slots themes are all the rage. The island themed slot game features everything you expect of a classic slot game. Enjoy the relaxing color scheme, all done up in sparkling blue. The background is easily reminiscent of the calming ocean.

There's nothing fancy here. Blue Lagoon slots offers classic slots sounds including the chiming of the reels as they spin around and land on the paradise slots themed symbols. A quick tune plays when you have a winning payline.

Betting on Blue Lagoon Slots

Start by choosing your Blue Lagoon slots coin value. The minimum coin value is 10 cents, but it goes as high as $10. Once you've decided the value of your coins, enter your bet ranging from one to five coins.

Remember that the more you bet, the bigger the payout when you win. With a top prize of 2,500 a maximum bet rewards richly. Betting all five coins with a value of 25 cents, lands you a nice win of $3,125.

Unlike many online slot games, Blue Lagoon slots stirs things up a bit. Don't wait for the reels to stop spinning on their own. The Stop Spin button allows you to try to stop the reels and land the seashell symbol. You can control what appears on the payline. Just be quick because the reels spin rapidly!

Only One Symbol Matters

Unlike most complex online slot games, Blue Lagoon slots only have one winning symbol. The seashell is what you need to win. Providing that symbols shows up anywhere on the reel, even if it is not on the payline, you'll win a prize. The more shells you get, the more money you win.

Fans of classic slots will enjoy everything about Blue Lagoon slots. The game play isn't fancy. A simple pay structure makes it easy to understand exactly what you need to win. Plus, the paytable is right on the screen, so you never have to leave your game to see why your payline is a winner.

Earn Free Casino Cash Before Playing

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