Around the World Slots from Arrow's Edge

Around the World Slots is a five reel twenty payline slots that takes players literally around the world in the excellent bonus game. Players that manage to land three of the globe symbols on an active payline are taken to a new screen where they are invited to choose one of the different routes offered. There are four routes in total. Players can choose Route A, B, C or D. Before they player opts for a route he is invited to opt out of the bonus game and collect the money offered or choose just half of the money offered and bet the remaining half on the bonus route game. Players who continue with the bonus game choose a route and the bet button and watch as their ship, boat, plane or train moves along the route across the globe. If the player encounters coins he can increase his potential winnings but if he encounters a sunken boat he can lose all his winnings for that bet and the bonus game is over. The player is returned to the main screen where he is invited to continue playing Around the World Slots.

Wilds and Scatter

Apart from the exciting bonus game that offers players plenty of choice there are also two wild symbols and a scatter. The first wild symbol depicts the chief explorer together with a 2x. This wild symbol takes the place of other symbols to make up a winning line. And on its own, this wild also offers very handsome payouts with five of these wild multipliers awarding 10000 coins. The other wild symbol depicts a hot air balloon and can also take the place of other symbols to make up a winning line but it does not multiply the winnings for that line. This symbol offers large payouts also when multiple symbols land on an active payline. Five of the wild balloon symbols award players 5000 coins. The scatter symbol in this game is denoted by the compass that awards cumulative winnings in the form of multipliers. Players that land two or more of the compasses on their screen that are pointing north begin to accumulate multipliers up to a stunning 32x the coin bet placed on the fifth time that the player lands the five of the compasses pointing North. In the payout table of Around the World Slots, players can review the different payouts and multipliers for all of the different combinations of symbols and the number of times the player has won the bonus payout. Apart from the very exciting bonus game and the wilds and scatter symbols players can also choose an auto play option that allows them to preset the number of spins that they want the game to run for consecutively up to 100 spins in a row. When a bonus game is activated the auto play spins automatically stop and wait for the input and choices of the player. Playing around the World Slots with its exciting colors, historical transport symbols and the interactive map of the bonus game that takes players around the world, offers much more than just a slots game with a worldly title. Players actually get to enjoy the game and learn all of the different locations of continents and countries around the world. This game can be played for fun before players begin with real money bets.