Ibiza Slots

Software company B3W Group has now released their new Ibiza Slot game, which comes with a luxury theme full of high class night life and beautiful ladies. Players can wander through a city that never goes to bed, collecting prizes from the nightclubs they visit. This classic slot gives players the option of enjoying simplicity with a theme that wreaks wealth and prosperity.

General Game Play & Symbols: Ibiza Slots

Ibiza Slots is a traditional three reel slot game set on a background of an ocean sunset. Coin sizes are available from $0.01 to $5.00, which lends the game to being appropriate for various players with different bank roll limits. Players can use the arrows to adjust the coin values, as they wish. The main jackpot in Ibiza Slots is 5000, which makes it even more tempting to bet the max bet on each spin. If players don’t bet the max, the jackpot will be much smaller if landed. It is reported that the rate of return on the Ibiza Slots is 91%, which is quite high considering it means that nearly 9 out of 10 spins should contain a win.

Players will find symbols that include disco balls, cash stacks, bottles of sunscreen, classic sevens, and more. The game comes with a Wild symbol that is the game’s logo. The Wild logo symbol comes with a 5x multiplier, which can help stack a player’s bankroll quickly.

Bonuses Features: Ibiza Slot Game

There are no Scatters in the Ibiza Slot game, but there are two Wild symbols. The first Wild symbol is the starfish, which can appear on any reel. If a player lands three starfish symbols, they will trigger the jackpot. The wild can also substitute for any other symbol in the game, to help create wins. When the 5x wild multiplier is added, it can be a very helpful and profitable symbol to land. The second Wild symbol is the counter, which also comes with a 5x multiplier. If both of the Wild symbols are landed at the same time, a 25x multiplier will be triggered for that spin.

Overall, Ibiza Slots does stick with a very classic format. It’s easy to navigate and understand what’s happening from spin to spin. However, it brings the classic format to the modern format with the bonus symbols that come with interesting multipliers.