Agent Max Cash Slots

Agent Max Cash is a nice discovery amongst hundreds of video slots out there online. It stands out for its great action soundtrack and bonus free spins, as well as for its juicy jackpot. Let us take a look at this new secret agent concept.

Layout Design and Theme

Max Cash is the Max Steel of video slots. Is not hard to tell that the smooth character with no big muscles or sophisticated Bond suits emulates the famous Max Steel toy we see on TV adverts. On the background design Max Cash jumps in a chute and drives off a motorbike at all speed. The background color is divided into red and green panels that create the illusion of speed. But the best part involving game design would be its action soundtrack with electro music that kind of sounds like the James Bond theme. It is just so hyped-up it makes the game way more fun to play online.

Agent Max Symbols

Agent Max Cash being a secret agent themed video slot online comes with lots of gadgets and action scenes very common from any James Bond flick as part of the symbols. You got the guns, the techy stuff and the ever sexy female fatale. Here is a complete list of all the symbols in the slot game:

  • The Bank Vault. This icon is the wild symbol, so you can use it as a joker to substitute any of the different symbols.
  • Night Goggles. Max Cash wears some night goggles that allows him to see in the dark. Their techy design includes three lenses emanating green light. Get a line of these and they turn on.
  • The Bomb. A very expensive looking timer-bomb, the kind that sticks under a car. When three or more are aligned the countdown is initiated. The bomb is the only icon which will multiply your winnings by 2x, 5x, 10x or 25x depending of the number of consecutive bombs you get on a pay line (they go from 2, 3, 4 and 5).
  • The P7. At least it looks like one. The gun has an elegant curved handle to it and when triggered it fires off a shot pulling back the charger.
  • Max Cash on Motorcycle. Max Cash appears in his back throttling away from a bomb explosion on the background. Three of these and Max starts his bike for the run.
  • The Bad Guy. A business man with a grim look which obviously places him as the evil guy. When triggered, this bad guy and Max Cash face each other with a corporate building on the background.
  • The Femme Fatale. A very sexy lady on a bikini with a gun holster. She rarely comes out, but when activated she lets go a shot and laughs. Did we mention she was hot?
  • The mini pc. Does not look that techy, but our guess is Max Cash gets his secret missions from here. The PC makes a typing sound when activated.
  • Max Cash letters. This is a scatter symbol, which replaces any other symbol on the reels in order to make combinations easier. This is the bonus icon and will unlock a series of free spins were you can make a lot of money. You get 1 of 3 types of free spins:
    • 10 free spins with winnings multiplied by 2x or 5x.
    • 4 free spins with winnings multiplied by 8x.
    • Unlimited free spins with 2x multiplier that pay until Agent Max Cash letters show up again on reel number 3.
  • Max Cash. The man himself is portrayed staring the horizon in an alley, judging from the types of free look of it.
  • Letter A in metallic blue.
  • Letter K in metallic brown.
  • Letter Q in shiny purple.
  • Letter J in emerald green.

Betting Options

Max Cash allows you to place bets as small as $0.01 or as much as $125 dollars, something unusual in slot games. Take on 9 different betting lines and the option to program more than 100 automatic spins. The reel makes an electronic sound every time you spin it; of course.

Our Rating

Agent Max Cash slots is a very enjoyable slot game to play online, not only for its bonus features, but for its great ambient as well. It could do a lot better with a bonus game that adds some excitement.